Green Living: The 5 Awesome Benefits of Plants in a Home


According to Garden Research, 30% of households bought at least one indoor plant in 2018. Searches for indoor plants on Pinterest have also gone up by 90%.

What is driving this new appreciation for indoor greenery, especially among millennials who are responsible for nearly a third of all houseplant sales in the U.S?

To understand why households are spending hundreds of dollars every year on plants, let’s look at some of the top five benefits of plants in a home.

Reduce Stress and Improve Well-being

Elements of nature make us feel at ease with our surrounding. This is no different when it comes to indoor plants. Homes have a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere with plants in them. Plants have a subtle sense of peace about them, which relieves stress and anxiety.

Improved wellness translates to better mental health. Conclusive academic studies show that people living with plants or near nature are happier and less anxious.

Improve Air Quality

Plants continuously exchange gases and moisture with the environment. This drastically improves the humidity and purity of the surrounding air. They reduce carbon dioxide levels, air-borne dust, and certain pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and benzene.  

Also, plants also keep the surrounding temperatures cool.  They absorb, diffract, and reflect background noise.

Medical experts agree that indoor plants are suitable for combating Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). SBS is a condition where building occupants suffer illness symptoms for no apparent reason. This phenomenon is associated with the muggy conditions of prolonged indoor living.

Improve Physical Health

Researchers found that patients recovering in rooms with plants requested for less medication had lower heart rates and blood pressure, and left the hospital sooner.

Having plants at home decreases headaches and other flu-like symptoms. The relaxed state of mind associated with living with plants boosts the body’s natural immune system, and the body is less fatigued to wade off unhealthy symptoms.

Aesthetic Benefits of Plants in a Home

The greenery added by indoor landscaping completely redefines the aesthetic appeal of a home. Plants blend well with just about any interior décor design.

Although low lighting is not usually an issue with most indoor plants, their beauty really pops under natural light.

The beauty with indoor landscaping is that there is no shortage of choices. You can have plants with stunning foliage and vibrant flowers. They don’t even have to be green.

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Improve Productivity and Learning Abilities

The surroundings have a profound effect on mental functions. Dull and uninspired environments do not motivate productivity and performance. Plants do the exact opposite. They get rid of dullness and promote positive brain activity.

It is for this reason that you’ll find plants in progressive workplaces and offices. Having plants at home will help you work and even relate better with other family members.   

Bottom Line

Many homeowners keep plants just for their beauty, but there is more than just aesthetics to the benefits of plants in a home. Plants create a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere at home that makes it a more pleasant and comfortable place to be.

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