Go green, keep them keen: How a garden can help sell your home


With summer on the horizon, everyone’s minds are beginning to turn to BBQs and big meals outdoors. If you are eyeing up the green behind your home, then, you can be sure that house-hunters will be too. How can a garden help to sell your property? Allow us to plant some ideas…

Keep it real

If you want to impress potential buyers with your garden, make sure you give them the real deal: a recent survey by Move with Us found that 95 per cent of homeowners prefer real grass to a paved or gravel garden, while 30 per cent of agents noticed that the emerging trend of using low maintenance, artificial grass has been known to actively put off buyers.

Blooming flowers

Bulbs ready to bloom in spring and summer can be an effective way to bring out the colour in your garden, but bedding flowers can be just as attractive. You can even use them to add to existing flower beds. The question is: which flowers do you plump for? According to one Homebase survey, roses are the most attractive to buyers, with other popular flowers including lavender, tulips, lilies, jasmine, geraniums and sunflowers.

Grow your own food

Vegetables may not be your first thought when it comes to gardening, but growing your own food is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to a combination of health concerns and rising costs. The chance for a buyer to inherit a pre-made vegetable patch is therefore one that could harvest a significant return.

Trim and proper

Trimming around the edges of your lawn and cutting the grass to a short length will go a long way to keeping your garden tidy – and a smart back yard is more likely to win over buyers than a messy one. Do not forget, though, to clip back any wild hedges or wandering tree branches. A sweep of the patio will complete the effect.


Think of your garden as an extra room in your house: buy some furniture to make it more comfortable. Whether that is a bench, a table, some chairs, or even a hammock, anything that makes you more likely to spend time in your garden will have the same effect upon a buyer.

Consider a conservatory

The recent survey by Move with Us found that conservatories are one of the most attractive things to buyers in a garden (62 per cent), followed closely by patios (56 per cent). Whether you go down the covered, paved or even decked route, pimping your garden will add an air of class to your overall property.

Fancy fencing

Patios, conservatories and BBQ pits are all well and good, but the most affordable way to freshen up your garden is often a new fence. From a trellis to a solid wall, the right choice of fencing can add real colour and character. Alternatively, consider repainting your current fence.

Shed success

Everyone loves a shed, but anyone can have one. Yours needs to stand out: make sure you look after it, clearing out leaves, tidying cables and wiping down windows. If you have money to spare, consider upgrading your shed to a log cabin for a really impressive mancave.

Think small

Can’t afford your own log cabin and conservatory? Do not be afraid to think small: as well as mowing the lawn, pay attention to the things round it, from gates and chairs to door and windows. Oil creaky hinges, clean grubby windows and scrub dirty seats: the most important thing is that your garden is looked after, as this will give the same cared-for impression of the rest of your home. 

Photo: Henry Burrows

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