Fly Control – 3 Things you Might be Trying that WON’T Work


Simple fact: flies carry over 65 different types of diseases; many of which will make you ill and some of which can actually be fatal.

That should be enough to make you consider how you are protecting your home, and family, from these annoying insects.

One thing you should definitely be doing is taking a look at and getting yourself an electronic fly zapper. This can be fitted discreetly into any home or business and will kill the flies before they have a chance to do any harm.

While this is essential there are 3 things you will probably either be trying or considering that seem like a good idea, but simply won’t work.

Seal It Up

It can seem like a good idea to seal up your home, preventing flies from getting in. This makes sense, except that flies will enter when you open and close your door and they can also enter through the smallest of gaps.

In addition, you may already have flies dormant in your house, waiting for the weather to improve; you’ll effectively be trapping them in your home!

What you may not realize is that flies don’t like ventilation. A fan gently blowing air through your home will disrupt their ability to fly, making your home far less attractive. This will be much more effective than sealing your home up.

Using Fly Spray

It would seem logical to keep fly spray handy in case you see a fly or two. However, fly sprays contain toxins that can be harmful to other animals and even humans. Spraying these around all the time is not a good idea.

In addition, as the weather gets warmer the flies will excrete toxins faster as their metabolism works faster. The fly spray works slower the hotter the temperature, it’s a physics phenomenon known as negative temperature correlation. Combine these two and fly sprays suddenly become a poor choice for getting rid of flies.


There are many suggested natural remedies that you may want to try. However, peppermint is not a particularly effective one. It is true that flies don’t like the smell and humans generally do.

However, unless you have a lot of peppermint around your home there is a good chance the smell will be too diluted to affect the flies.

Don’t forget that the peppermint aroma will be competing with a host of other smells, such as the rubbish in your bin. These are enough to tempt most flies past a peppermint aroma.

The Solution

The first step is to invest in the fly zapper, as mentioned earlier. This is extremely effective at getting rid of any flies that come into your home.

You can also use fly paper, although this is generally very unattractive hanging in your windows and doors. It is effective but will need changing regularly and is a pain if you get your hair caught in it.

The perfect complement to your fly zapper is actually fly screens on your doors and windows; this will allow you to ventilate your home while keeping the flies away.

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