Flagstones for Your Home Flooring and Garden Paving


Any homeowner who has incorporated flagstone in home flooring and garden paving can attest to the aesthetic brilliance that the unique flooring has. Floors and pavements which have this type of flooring are a work of art. Not to mention its cost-effectiveness in the long run.

However, there is much you need to know before you purchase your order of stones.


• It needs little maintenance. The stones are able to withstand wear-and-tear and, therefore, requires little upkeep.

• It allows you to incorporate greenery by planting ground cover plants in-between the joints. This helps bring out a natural feel to your garden pavement.

• Each stone has an individual characteristic and so adds a unique element on the pavement.

• It is cheaper in the long-run due to its longevity. While the stones could seem pricier than other alternatives, its cost-effectiveness is evident down the road.

The Design

Now that the benefits of this type of flooring have been established, you now need to know the layout or design to use when installing the stones. The layout comes in two options that you can choose from; the regular and the irregular layouts. Your choice of the layout will determine the type of furniture to have. For instance, the ideal furniture to have with the irregular layout should be sturdy and wide-legged so that it doesn’t get stuck between the joints when being moved.

a. Regular Layout

A regular rectangle layout featuring the use of rectangular stones and is an excellent option when you want a formal look. The best thing about this layout is that it is easier to install compared to the irregular pattern. For a less monotonous result, you can use stones of different sizes so that they bring out a feel of sophistication.

b. Irregular Layout

As the name denotes, an irregular layout involves the use of irregularly-shaped stones. The layout is perfect when you’re looking for a natural theme for your home flooring or garden paving. The irregular layout takes much effort when installed as the irregularly shaped stones leave gaps between them when installed, which need to be filled with mortar or small stones.

Adding Greenery


Then there is the little problem of adding a little greenery into the pavement. Incorporating plants to your garden paving adds a natural feel into the pavement layout. The plants are also great at sealing the gaps left behind after installing stones in the irregular layout. The ideal plants should be groundcovers and require little maintenance. Some of the common plants that you can plant in-between the stones include moss, thyme, baby tears, Sedum, and mint.

Interested in buying this unique type of flooring? You need to be careful when choosing sellers. Sellers who do not have a wide variety of stones to choose from should be a gigantic red flag. The same can be said of sellers with poor reviews from past clients. It is, therefore, imperative to do an intensive research on all potential sellers before settling on one.

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