First Impressions: What Does the Exterior of Your Property Say about You?


For many, there is nothing better than a well spent night indoors with friends. Whether you’re a hosting a big party, or just a small social gathering, inviting others into your home is a big occasion and it is important to you prepare your property in the right way.

This is of course, goes without saying. When inviting friends over I’m sure we’re not alone in the last minute cleaning and decluttering. It is only normal that you want to present your home in the best light, mainly because your property says a lot about who you are.

However in this last minute dash to gets things in order we can often overlook one important thing – how our homes look from the outside. With the sheer number of lifestyle magazines as well as blogs dedicated to the interior of our homes this if of course understandable.

Finding the right balance between how you renovate and decorate the inside of your home is obviously a huge task and one many homeowners relish but the exterior of your property should also be given careful consideration as well.

To help you make the best choices in order to send out the right first impressions with your property we have put together three key areas for you to consider when making changes to the appearance of your home.

Colours of Your Exterior

We often hear how colours have a life of their own and what those colours you associate with most say about your personality. This is particularly true when it comes to choosing the prominent colours for the exterior of your property.

It is important you find a look that is right for your property but also matches the interior design choices you have gone for as well. Not only does this need considering, but the colour you choose for the exterior of your home should be welcoming and friendly at the same time. This of course has to be a personal choice, it is probably the first thing that visitors will notice about your home and is can send out a great first impression.

Your Choice of Front Door


Your front door is the first part of your home that visitors will come in contact with so is a great way to continue any lasting impression that those you welcome to your home will have.

There are now a range of different styles of front door for homeowners to choose from, including traditional timber style doors through to modern composite doors that offer enhanced style at affordable prices.

External Decorations

Now to some people this may sound seasonal and may change as the year goes on and we welcome in the winter months but decorating your home can be just as fun in the summer as well.

It doesn’t necessarily have to mean any big light shows, instead we mean anything related to adding a finishing touch to the exterior of your home from hanging baskets through to sitting areas which can be used to relax outside, or simply to watch the world go by when you get a few seconds peace.


So there you have three real quick ways to improve the exterior of your home. These choices should all be based on personal preference and tied into other aspects of your property.

One thing that is important to remember is that all should be carried out while thinking about what type of first impression you want your home to give off, and what this is say about the people who live there.

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