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Most areas of the home have been designed with modern concepts but the walkways, driveways, entranceways and patios and pool have been left with plain concrete. Epoxy Flooring, Decorative concrete contracting and polished concrete work in Dallas, Texas can transform these areas and make them an envy of your neighbors. Why settle for amateurs when you can turn to professionals who do the best epoxy flooring and polished concrete in Dallas, TX.  Call Dallas Epoxy Pros at 214-438-3818 for all your flooring needs!

Concrete is everywhere. Buildings, patios, pool sides, driveways and walkways are made of concrete. Concrete is a popular, durable and affordable material. Unfortunately, it does not have any aesthetic value.

Decorative concrete allows you to have the durability of concrete and the aesthetic beauty of tile, marble, brick, slate, granite and many other materials.  It can transform areas in your home with boring concrete into beautifully-designed areas that will surely turn heads.

Decorative concrete is basically plain concrete added with a touch of unique patterns, colors or finishes to mimic tile, marble, brick, slate, granite and many other materials The added texture also gives it a finish that is non-slip and safe.

More and more homeowners are opting for decorative concrete to improve the look of the exteriors of their homes without having to spend so much.

It also comes with a lot of other benefits:

Endless Design Options

Modern advances in the manner of mixing and setting concrete allow designers to mix colors into an existing concrete slab or before it is installed. Stains and acids can also be mixed with concrete. Concrete texture can be allowed to be smooth.

Concrete can also be etched or given a polished look. With the right patterns, stains and dyes, decorative concrete can resemble brick, granite, marble and other materials.

Low in Maintenance

“Decorative concrete can be sealed with coatings (epoxy and acrylic) to make it waterproof and resistant to certain damages. Maintaining decorative concrete only takes some sweeping and a little mopping.” states A1 Epoxy Flooring Melbourne.

Design Flexibility

Decorative concrete can be used in driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks and other exterior areas.  With decorative concrete, you can create your own patterns and designs to have your own unique finished look.  This is something you cannot do with other flooring types as they usually come with their own patterns and designs.


Decorative concrete is resistant to moisture, stains, dust, oil and chemicals. It can also withstand extreme changes in temperature.  It has a longer lifespan than most comparable materials.

Highly Affordable

Despite all of the great benefits of decorative concrete, it is affordable to install. Its affordability is further stretch due to its durability and being resistant to many elements that may cause damage. It is also low in maintenance and well worth the price to invest in proper the best epoxy flooring Dallas has to offer.

Types of Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is available in many styles and types. It is important to be familiar with the different types of decorative concrete so you can make an easy choice on which application is right for your home.

Decorative polished concrete can be applied as a top layer of regular concrete after the curing process.  Decorative concrete can also be achieved by mixing concrete and special ingredients before pouring.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete uses molds to press a certain design into concrete before it hardens. Colors can also be added. Stamped concrete can mimic the look of tile, marble, brick, slate, granite and many other materials. Stamped concrete looks so real the difference will hardly be noticeable.


Stamped concrete can also be used to imprint fossils, shells or any design you desire. The only limitation of stamped concrete is your imagination. You can get as creative as you can to come up with a personalized look.  Whether it’s residential epoxy flooring and commercial garage epoxy flooring, Dallas Epoxy Pros has you covered!

Stamped concrete can be applied in any exterior area of your home including patios and driveways. It can also be used indoors such as in countertops. Coloring in stamped concrete though tends to fade fast but restoration is to bring back its original look is easy and quick.

Acid Stain


Acid Stain is the most common of all decorative concrete applications. The color of concrete is changed from dull gray to any color you desire by soaking pigments of acid stains into the pores of concrete. The staining process will bring out the natural beauty of concrete.

Acid stain also adds tones in varying colors to come up with a unique floor finish. Acid stain finishes are always unique to a particular floor even when treated with the same color and staining product. Age, porosity and composition of the concrete are factors that determine the final finishing.

Acid staining maintains the durability of concrete to withstand wear and tear and heavy foot traffic. Acid staining is often used in patios, walkways and even in restaurants and hotels.

Concrete Dyes

Concrete dyes are intended to change the color of concrete. Dyes used in the past were alcohol based and not effective for outdoor applications because they easily faded due to sun exposure.

Concrete dyes used today come with the right solutions, including pro-UV agents, to make them resistant to fading when exposed to the sun.

Polished Concrete

At Dallas Epoxy Pros, we truly specialize in polished concrete uses diamond pads and mechanical grinders in different grit sizes ranging from between 6 and 8500 grit to have and retain a shiny and glossy finish. Concrete dyes and acid stains can also be added for more shine and color.


Trowel-on provides concrete with an intense color in many variations. This method involves trowelling a thin layer of cement to mimic the patterns of stone finishes such as slate. Application needs to be controlled to come up with an even color. Color variations result when trowelling is done in an inconsistent manner.

Polymer Cement Overlays

Polymer cement overlays have been used for quite some time to provide concrete with a better look. Polymer cement overlays are made by adding polymer resin to the concrete mix for more strength and better performance.

Polymer cement overlays are a cost effective method to add texture and color and to make concrete more durable. Image adding this element to your Dallas epoxy flooring installation job! Talk about a smooth operation.

Engraving Concrete

This method involves the engraving of shapes, patterns or anything you want related to concrete grinding. Special tools are used to engrave on concrete to give concrete a whole new look.

There are many ways you can do to transform concrete from a dull gray slab to a flooring system with aesthetic appeal and more durability. Epoxy Flooring and polished concrete work in Dallas, Texas and the local Frisco, TX can give concrete the added value it deserves. Call Dallas Epoxy Pros today for your free quote!

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