Eco-Friendly Mattresses: What Are They Made Of?


These days, it’s actually hard to buy a mattress. You have to choose from eco-friendly mattresses, and green mattresses, and traditional Mattresses and sustainable mattresses. It’s probably a mess in your head right now and you don’t really know what to choose. The sellers are doing everything they can to make you buy one, even if that means they’ll have to lie to you about their composition. This article is intended to make your shopping days easier when you’re looking for a mattress that suits you.

About eco-friendly mattresses

It’s actually really nice to be green, but can you make the right choice, especially when the seller is trying to mislead you.

You should always know your options, as there are many eco-friendly mattresses on the market. Take into account their numerous features and make sure you’ll get a great night sleep, buy putting your body in a safe mattress.

In your frenzy shopping, you’re probably asking yourself why did you have to buy an eco-friendly mattress in the first place. Well, it is indeed really good for the environment, as it doesn’t cause any harm to ecosystems. The mattresses which have many synthetic chemicals will, at some point, create toxic off-gassing, which often leads to some adverse health effects. It is normal for the mattresses made with natural materials to be “off-gas”.

There is, however, one problem, and that is eco-labeling – it’s not really in its best place in the USA. Companies will advertise them and will make them look godly, but they’re actually not that great in reality. They use lots of “special” words to describe the greener products.

Beware the words used vaguely and instead do some digging on specifics – see what’s the mattress made from, and how are the materials made.

About the materials in the eco friendly mattress

The first one is natural latex, which is a latex foam created using liquid latex (correctly would be to be made of sustainable, organic harvested trees and slightest additives). The blended latex is something used more commonly than the idea of 100% natural, and it’s made out of a mixture of synthetic polymers, which are based on petroleum.

The foams that are based in plants are the Polyurethane ones and are made to replace some synthetic or petroleum ingredients. Even if they still have the traditional elements, they still give you a different choice and are more affordable, too.

You’ll also find sustainably-harvested wood in the composure – the mattresses are made entirely using wood from sources that contribute somehow less to the habitat destruction and deforestation.

The wool will come straight from sheep, so you can be sure that it’s all natural.


The cotton is very popular with these kinds of mattresses. It is grown conventionally and it’s among the most significant uses of agricultural and insecticides chemicals.

The bamboo is found in the fibers of the fabric and the source is sustainable.

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