DIY Projects: Renovating Your Bathroom and What You’ll Need To Get Started

At any rate, whether you reside in an apartment or a house, it is needless to say that the bathroom takes a considerable part in making your home look more appealing. Getting to your dream bathroom needs both effort and a lot of good ideas on your part.


Having said that, it is clear that to get to a modern and beautiful bathroom there are few things you need to get right. Let’s get started.


Before you get started it’s essential to try and be imaginative and create an image of the outcome you finally want to come up with. Whether it is design ideas, material, colours and the fitting and fixtures, they may appear to be small elements, but they inevitably go a long way in influencing the final look. With that said it is paramount that you be exact and sure about the aesthetic beauty you aim to accomplish.

There are many factors to be considered when coming up with great ideas. For instance, your bathroom might be en-suite this dramatically affects the type of materials and the colours to be used. Usually, you would want to have a sense of serenity while in the bathroom which will need you to get warm colours which will attain this effect. If the bathroom happens to be for multiple users, then it is prudent to go for durable materials and invest in creating sufficient space for everyone. Having accomplished this, that’s when all the more delicate details should be taken care of.

Features to be considered

When planning for the renovation, some essential elements should be taken into consideration. Among them is• Layout• Bath• Fittings• Sink and vanity• Shower• Storage space• Lighting

These are all vital factors when renovating the bathroom and should be highly regarded and thought of carefully.


Firstly, there is the layout. For comfortable bathroom factors like flow and functionality should be taken into consideration. Though the location of the bathroom may offer up some constraints, especially due to the connection, there are still a wide variety of floor plans that you may choose to consider. The best way to go at this is to have the builder check out your space and offer you practical advice that will help in achieving your ultimate look.



Next up is the bath conditions. There are endless ideas and designs when it comes to selecting bathtubs. It is essential to keep in mind that space will have a significant impact on the tub that you will end up installing. They come in different states with some using up minimal space. Also, there are some which are easily accessed which come in handy especially for the elderly. For a touch of luxury, there is the Jacuzzi which takes up quite some space. Knowing this it will be a brilliant idea if you first consider the area, then select the tub that suits your needs.


The right fixtures and fitting are arguably among the elements that harmonize the total design of the bathroom. From taps, to towel rails to shower screens there is no limit to the number of styles that are at your disposal. They come in a variety of materials, colours and designs which can be confusing, but in the long run, if you take your time you are sure to come up with excellent ideas. Additionally, the sinks, toilet, tub and shower should flawlessly blend in well with the surroundings to provide a seamless look.

Sink and vanity


For the sink, there are limitless options, but simply always does it. Pick those that are similar to the colour theme and also to avoid wasting time in the morning, consider having a double sink. The vanity unit should by far provide plenty of space and have a pleasant appearance. You can go for wall mounted ones or even minimalist ones. There are quite some ideas with regard to this.


For most of us, this is inarguably the most significant part of the bathroom. Though a simple element there are fundamental issues that need to be looked at. Depending on your, likes you can go for a massage, handheld, fixed or waterfall showers. Currently, the market offers the best shower panels that are inevitably going to satisfy your needs. Also, you can log in online for the best shower panel reviews which go a long way in getting an idea of the best shower panels. For the curtain goes for a simple look something fun that complements the colour theme in the bathroom.

Storage space

Cluttered bathrooms can be quite a nuisance, so it is of the essence to work on getting some quality space. Having some room for toiletries, towels and other stuff to be used at short proximity should be considered. If possible, you can also have shelves in the shower area that store shampoos and soaps to ease reach and also to avoid congesting the rest of your space.



The bathroom at times poses great risks as it is prone to accidents thus bringing out the need of having a proper lighting system that will aim to lessen the chances of these accidents occurring. The lighting fixtures will need to be waterproof and the wires safely housed to prevent the possibility of short-circuiting. Go for a warm and welcoming taste and also consider the usage to lessen those electricity bills.

Tips before the renovation

While considering remodelling, there are some factors to be considered to come up with the best outcome. The best idea is to plan and ensure you strictly adhere to the budget you set. Moreover, you can find out all that is necessary and how far you want to go with this endeavour. Thorough research is also crucial as it will help in getting the best ideas which also come in at affordable prices.With that said remodelling can be fun as long as the critical factors are taken into consideration. Plan and be sure to involve an expert who will help in avoiding simple mistakes and also coming up with a plan that will best suit the space you have.

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