Creative Ideas for Your Cool Kids Bedroom


When we have children, one of the things we often look forward to the most is decorating the nursery. Something about getting the baby’s room ready for them makes it all seem real in a way few other things do. Yet, your child doesn’t want a nursery for long. Before you know it, they are developing their own personality and style and want a different bedroom. Then, a few years later, they’ll change their minds again and want a room featuring their favorite games or TV shows. Not long after this, the teenage years hit, and they’ll want a cooler room. Somewhere they can hang out with their friends without being embarrassed about the Pokémon posters. Here are some creative ideas for kids’ bedroom designs that work for all ages.

Think of the Future
If you plan on having more children one day, you should consider this now. If your children will be sharing a room, factor this in when making any design decisions. Make sure you leave plenty of space for any future additions.

Babies and children have a lot of stuff. It’s amazing how much space such small people can need. Make sure their rooms include plenty of storage such as drawers, wardrobes, bedside tables and bookshelves. Often, children’s rooms are smaller, so you may need to be clever with the space you have. Be sure to utilize areas, such as underneath the bed or cot, and over doors. Check out these clever storage ideas for some tips.

Nowadays, children get homework a lot younger than we used to. This means they’ll need a work area from a young age. Add a desk to a corner of their room to create a separate workspace. Keep this area light, and add books and inspirational posters or quotes to create a positive and relaxing work environment.

Use Colors
When children’s tastes change so often it can be tempting to keep the colors natural. However, this can be a little boring. If you want to keep the walls neutral and easy to change, consider adding a bright color to a feature wall or accessorizing with bold and bright shades.

Adding a theme to a room can make it really fun and different. Your children will want to bring all their friends home to show it off. They’ll probably play in it more too, which will give you the odd break! While it’s probably a good idea to steer clear of characters, as they go in and out of fashion, more generic themes are always popular. Some of the best include:

·         Pirates

·         Fairies

·         Spacemen

·         Farm or jungle animals

·         Princesses

·         Forest wonderland

If you did want to go for a character theme, classic books such as Narnia or Harry Potter withstand the test of time.

If you are looking for a home with more space for your family, so that your children can have stylish rooms of their own, check out the townhomes for sale Minneapolis for the perfect family space in a fantastic location. Wherever you end up, remember, kids don’t stay kids for long, so enjoy designing them the perfect room.

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