Cost-Effective Year-Round Shading with Retractable Roofing Systems


The great Australian climate is ideal for the outdoor life, and having adequate shading at home is not something to compromise. There once was a time when the terrace would be awash with ropes and pulleys in an effort to shade the patio, yet the latest generation of retractable roofing systems offers year-round protection with a permanent structure that is tailored to fit.

Folding Arm Operation

This is the best way to retract the roof, with twin arms that fold inwards as the unit retracts, allowing for a smooth operation. Retractable roof systems might not be the cheapest shading solution on the market, but it will stand the test of time and prove to be a wise long-term investment that adds considerable value to the home. The top-quality fabrics are guaranteed not to fade or split, and with a long product warranty, you will have the best permanent shading solution at an affordable price.

Winter Screening

With clear PVC screening, your patio can be used all year round, giving you the maximum benefit from your outdoor living space, and the company that supplies the roofing would likely have a range of side screening options to enclose the area. It is nice to enjoy an early morning coffee on the terrace and with the right shading and screening, the area can be used at all times of the year.

Large Expanses

If your terrace is on the large size, extra folding arms can be incorporated into the design, and with a bespoke approach, there isn’t anything the supplier can’t overcome. Stand-alone terraces can effectively be shaded using retractable roofing systems, with a number of innovative designs available. The best way to proceed is to ask the supplier for a home visit, where you can sit with the expert and examine all of your options.

Unique Design

No two terraces are identical and by inviting a local specialist into your home, you will reap the benefit of their wealth of experience by selecting a design that fits perfectly with the current décor. There are several notable manufacturers of retractable roof systems in Melbourne and any established provider would offer a range of tried and trusted systems and can recommend a solution. Having the roof designed from the initial conception will ensure the unit is perfectly suited, and once in place, requires a minimum of maintenance.

Motorised Solutions

Remote control operation makes for effortless adjustment and with rain, wind and sun sensors, you can fully automate your shading. Larger spans might require extra arms, but the supplier is able to design a unit that is ideal for your patio. You might have an open standing area to shade, and with special stand-alone designs, you can have shading in a stylish way. If your terrace is small, you won’t need a motorised unit, which will save you some money, and with an easy to use crank handle, you can easily adjust the roof to the desired position.

Permanent Roofing

This will add significant value to the property, as it is not a temporary solution and is classed as a permanent feature that will appreciate in value as time passes. It might be a significant investment, yet, like all investments, time will see your investment pay dividends. You can expect a 10-15 year warranty with a retractable roofing system, which gives you peace of mind. Every home is different and by calling in a local expert, you can look at all your options before finally making a decision. Durability is always a concern with any outdoor feature and with a solid product warranty and a professional installation, you can’t really go wrong.

If you are tired of the annual struggle with your garden shading, invest in a state-of-the-art retractable roofing system and you’ll be very glad you did. If you are planning to carry out at least one improvement this coming year, a retractable roofing system should be high on your list priorities and with many years of trouble-free shading, it will be a wise, long-term investment that increases the value of your property.

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