Cost Effective Flooring Solutions for Rental Homes


As you are probably aware, rented properties undergo some heavy punishment, and while it is the landlord’s responsibility to make sure all is well, repairs do cost money and therefore, things like flooring need to be extremely durable. Tenants expect a certain standard when renting and with the latest generation of vinyl flooring, you have all the benefits of real timber or stone at a much reduced cost. Durability is essential with any flooring, especially in a rented environment where tenants tend to take less care than if they owned the property. Food and drink spillages are no problem for vinyl flooring and the water resistant surface is easy to wipe clean and from a landlord’s perspective, vinyl flooring is the most cost effective way to provide a durable and long lasting floor.

The Amazing Properties of Vinyl


Aside from being incredibly strong, vinyl is durable and is resistant to both fire and water. It is non-corrosive and abrasion resistant which is ideal for a rental home and technology has enabled manufacturers to perfectly replicate classic timber and stone profiles. A high resolution digital image is printed onto a thin, clear membrane, which is inserted under the outer protective later, giving you the appearance of real timber or stone, and the range of designs is extensive, allowing to match with other features in the home. Your tenants will be more than impressed with vinyl flooring and with no maintenance required, the durable vinyl plank flooring will last for many years.


As a landlord, you are looking for maximum returns on your considerable investment and with vinyl planking, you have a durable and long-lasting flooring solution at a very reasonable cost. Technological advances have allowed for lower retail prices and dollar for dollar, vinyl flooring is definitely the best flooring solution for a rental property. Homes with vinyl flooring aren’t vacant for long and tenants are more than impressed – many think the floor is hardwood – and this is a very big plus for a family looking to rent a home. It might be rented accommodation, but there’s no reason why style and elegance should take a back seat and with vinyl flooring available in stunning timber and stone designs, you can really create something high end for a very affordable price.

Style and Elegance


While you might not be living in the rental property, you do want the best for your tenants and aesthetically speaking, you’d be hard pushed to match the stunning finishes that vinyl offers. The flooring might just tip the scales when a potential tenant is viewing the premises and whenever a tenant vacates the property, you can be sure that the flooring is in A1 condition and a quick mop is all it takes to restore it to its original pristine condition.

Online Suppliers

If you are thinking of reflooring one of your rental properties, an online search will reveal the whereabouts of a local vinyl flooring contractor and they would be happy to meet you at the property where you can discuss the various options and he will also provide you with a very competitive quote. When you consider the alternatives to vinyl and compare the cost of each, installing vinyl flooring is the most cost-effective solution to long term flooring.

Whether you prefer the timeless look of marble or granite, or the elegance of mahogany or teak, vinyl flooring offers stunning designs that will make your property very attractive to potential tenants.

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