Concrete Design Hype: French Beton Sur Mesure Fashion Now Global Trend



When it comes to building materials, there are a lot of things to consider in order to make an informed decision. With so many options out there, one could easily overlook one of the best materials there is : concrete. There are several reasons that make béton sur mesure a highly attractive material from the standpoint of both the contractor and the people living in the building, and we are going to present the main ones below.


Concrete Is A Cost Effective Building Material

One of the main drivers of a building’s energy cost is the material used. Indeed, different materials have different thermal mass, which directly affects the amount of energy needed to maintain an optimal building temperature.  Béton sur mesure is a highly cost effective option in terms of energy consumption and optimization since it successfully captures heat from many sources such as lighting fixtures, thus reducing the need to crank the thermostat up during winter.


Concrete Is A Durable Building Material

Concrete is also known to be up there with the most durable building materials. Simply put, concrete buildings are built to last, and that’s the reason why a growing number of contractors are looking at béton sur mesure for their new projects. Concrete has a service life ranging from 50 to 100 years, depending on environmental factors and conditions, and it requires far less maintenance and repair. Thus, it’s one of the longest lasting building materials there is, which makes it a solid value all around.


Concrete Is A Safe Building Material

Feeling safe in our homes is important, and that’s what béton sur mesure provides. Indeed, concrete is both healthy and safe since it’s an inert construction material, which means it’s not flammable. Plus, it does not feed mildew or rot, nor does it off-gas any volatile organic compound that could deteriorate indoor air quality. Furthermore, the structural integrity of concrete buildings is such that they can sustain severe weather or even mild earthquakes, so you can sleep in peace in one of these constructions : they won’t fall on your head or leave you at the mercy of the elements.


Concrete Is A Sustainable Building Material

Last but not least, concrete is a sustainable material from the sourcing to the end of its lifecycle. First, béton sur mesure is produced from locally available, generally recycled materials that tend to be abundant, like wastes and industrial byproducts. The fact that used concrete can easily be recycled to make granular material in new concrete or roadbeds doesn’t hurt either. Second, as we have established earlier, concrete buildings are highly cost effective due to their thermal properties. And third, the long service life of this material makes for durable constructions that require very little maintenance and thus additional resources.


Concrete is undeniably one of the best building materials there is : its cost effectiveness, durability, safety and sustainability makes it a highly attractive option for contractors and renters or homeowners alike. If you had to put your money on a building material, it should be this one.

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