Bring a piece of India into your home

Many of us like to bring inspiration from other countries into our homes to remind us of holidays or just because we enjoy the décor of different countries. Indian design is a modern trend as it is very colourful with a lot of strong patterns, gold and rich fabric. Gain inspiration on Indian decoration on Pinterest to help your imagination and creativity. If you’re bored of your beige walls and really need to inject some fun and colour into your home to reflect your personality then the Indian style of decoration is definitely for you.

Read our suggestions below on how to transform you home into that Indian palace you have being dreaming of.

Soft Accessories

Whether it’s your bedroom or living room you’re decorating, cushions, throws and even floor pillows can be layered up high to create the Indian effect with mix and match colours, textures and patterns.

Get creative and make your own cushions from rich satin fabrics or even go to a local Indian market to source materials or sari fabric. This is a great idea if you have a snug which you want to make into a relaxing space where you can go and read a book.

Pattern is Your Friend

If you are creating the Indian interior style you really need to use strong colours and bold prints. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t work them into your existing scheme or implement them in block areas. This will help you mix the traditional Indian style with a contemporary look and not overpower your home.

Indian Furniture

Indian furniture and home accessories are both popular choices because of their combination of rich cultural details, exoticism and elegance. Reclaimed furniture, which is an eco-friendly way to decorate your home, is an especially popular current trend in interior design.

Trade Furniture Company have a wide range of reclaimed Indian furniture which is both stylish and unique. With a range of options from tables, bookcases, sideboards, cabinets, media units and more the colourful pieces will add interest to any home décor.

The Indian look is definitely a luxurious one and unique pieces of furniture in your home can make it stylish whilst still having a unique twist on the look. Let us know if you have used this style in your home and what methods of decorating you have found effective. 

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