Best ways to keep your home cool

Regardless of how beautiful your home may be, it can become very uncomfortable during the hotter periods of the year. This piece takes a look at some of the things you can do to make sure your home is very comfortable even at the peak of summer.

Create cross ventilation

Having several openings from front to back of the house is a great way to create cross ventilation which is guaranteed to provide passive cooling.  With cross ventilation, it is easier to exchange the hot air inside the home with cooler air from the outside. The cooler air coming into the home keeps everyone cool with the aid of evaporative perspiration.

Install fitting air conditioning units

The right air conditioning units is the best way to easily make the home comfortable during hot summer months. We spoke with Reno heating and air conditioning contractors who told us “to get the best results, there is need to install only units that fit in with size and makeup of the home”. “Failing to do this will only lead to wasted resources as a result of damage due to wrong use, over heating, etc.” HomesGoFast recommend talking to an experienced fitters as it is a great way to avoid any mistakes with the installation of your air condition unit.

Get proper insulation

Most of the heat in your home is transferred through the roof and walls.  Roof insulation and wall insulation is very important for keeping your house cool. With the right insulation, you will be able to keep your house cool and reduce the transfer of heat into your building.

Water Features

Using water features around the home is a great way to help cool the house. As is the case with evaporative coolers, evaporating water absorbs heat from the air and cools it before it gets into the home. It is important however, to strategically position these water features. Check this amazing Water Wall out for some inspiration.

Create shades for your walls

With properly designed eaves and window hoods, you will be able to provide shading to walls and glazing in summer. This is a great addition to the home as it doesn’t prevent sun from penetrating openings during the winter.

Plant trees

Using plants around the home also helps with cooling and your health. Plants can offer shades to walls and openings and using garden beds instead of pavements around the home will reduce reflected sunlight. Planting large trees to the west is a great way to block the hot afternoon sun. Plants also provide effects similar to evaporative cooling as air gets cooled while passing through the foliage.

Some of the tips covered here can be done in days while others will take a fair bit longer. All of them are guaranteed to keep your home cooler either this summer or in subsequent summers!

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