Babyproofing Your New Home


So, you’re finally moving in to your brand-new house.

It feels as if you’ve prepared for everything. The house is fully furnished, every piece of furniture has been well thought of by you and your partner, and yes, you’ve even installed a reliable CCTV system to ward off anyone with not so honorable intentions. In fact, you think you’ve got it all figured out, you’re already willing to imagine your family vacation using the latest travel deals and promotions.

Hey, there. Maybe you’re forgetting something. Or someone.

Have you thought of how your baby is going to survive in your new home? To put it more bluntly, have you babyproofed your home? Have you taken necessary measures to ensure that your baby will enjoy your house as much as you adults do, without running the risk of slipping on the floor, or experiencing a traumatic fall?

If this is something you haven’t even begun to consider, then do begin considering it now. To help you with your considerations, here’s a list of things you need to take care of, before even bringing your baby to your new house.

Tips for Babyproofing


First of all: perform a safety exam for your new house. Take a long look at the overall appearance and layout of your house. Examine its rooms and pay close attention to the details that make up each room. Check your drawers. Are there hazardous chemicals that are too easily accessible by your two-foot kid? If there are, be sure to get them out of the way and fast. Check the floor, and take necessary measures to make it skid-resistant. If not, then put in rugs and carpets so that if your child ever does slip and fall, then it does not happen on a surface that’s too painful.

Second: be wary of the places in your house that are most likely to accumulate germs and bacteria. It is perhaps no secret that babies are more susceptible to illnesses and diseases of various kinds, basically because their systems are not as developed and defined as those of adults. Hence, it’s important that you equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed for getting rid of bad germs and bacteria that will only make your child sick. Be especially careful about your kitchen sink, your dish rags, your countertop, and even your faucet handles. Cleanliness, after all, is still next to godliness.

Third: prepare yourself for daily stains. Whatever the case may be, a baby is and will always be a baby. As a baby, it really can’t help but ‘produce’ messes on a regular basis. Knowing this, it’s best to have some microfiber cloths handy, as they are wonderfully absorbent and quick-drying as well.

More than any concern for furnishings and decorations, the concern for babyproofing should take first priority. Once you have this out of the way, only then can you begin to think about where your family vacation should be (maybe even using some Expedia discount codes while you’re at it).




















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