All you Need to Know About Folding Arm Awnings and More


When thinking about exterior shading, the days of ropes, pulleys and heavy canvas sheeting are thankfully behind us. This was a time when rope tangles and squeaky mechanisms challenged even the strongest of people, yet we endured the obvious inconvenience, as our desire for shading overruled everything else. Our forefathers accepted that shading wasn’t meant to be attractive and covering the space was the desired goal, however that was achieved, yet if you take a look at the latest generation of folding arm retractable awnings, you will no doubt be pleasantly surprised at what’s on offer.

How Do Folding Arm Awnings Work?

As the name suggests, folding arm awnings close with the supporting struts folding inwards and when fully retracted the profile is both slimline and attractive. A wide range of rich colours and patterns allows you to be creative and rather than settling for something that doesn’t look bad, you can actually compliment the property with a made to measure solution. The mechanism is silent and with self-lubricating bushes, operation is smooth and effortless every time!

Manual or Motorised Adjustment

The crank handle versions are effortless to adjust, with high gearing that allows for complete deployment or retraction is just a few turns. If you want the ultimate adjustment, the motorised unit is the way to go. A 6-year motor warranty reflects the quality of the unit and whatever the weather, your awning will always respond to your fingertip control. If remote operation is a little too opulent for your liking, you can have a hard wire switch fitted to a convenient wall location, although being able to adjust the shading from your sun lounger does have its appeal.

Spiral Semibox Folding Arm Awning System


This type allows for the fabric to be completely encased when the awning is fully retracted, with the spiral assembly protecting the fabric as it is gathered. Ideal for areas with no eaves overhanging and with spans up to 5 metres for a two-folding arm unit – more allows for a wide span – this type of awning is understandably very popular with Melbourne homeowners.

Large Span Solutions

If your terrace is a little on the large side, there are solutions and by simply adding extra arms – and joints – it is possible to span areas 8 or 9 metres in width. Projection can be up to 3 metres and with a stand-alone version, a further projection is achievable, whatever the design of your home. Retractable awnings make for ideal pool shading, or any other special corner of the garden where you like to spend time.

Many years of R&D have given us an awning system that simply ticks all the boxes and with the best quality components and a made to measure installation, you can have the ultimate shading that adds character and value to your home. Talk to your local awnings provider today and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

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