Additions to Your House That Return the Highest Value


Homes are special places. They’re where we retire to after a long day at work, and they’re the buildings we raise our families in and share with our friends. But, besides from what a house represents emotionally, it’s also a huge financial asset. For this reason, it’s a good idea to improve and add to your house so that you can increase its worth if you decide to sell. Sound like a good idea? Here are a few additions you can make to make a profit…

Create space


If you have a non-load bearing wall, consider knocking it down. Buyers like spaces that are open and generous, particularly in the kitchen and dining area, so think about removing any partitions that don’t have to be there. It will only cost you a few hundred pounds to do this, but really changes the ‘feeling’ of your property, making it feel much more desirable.

Let in more light

If there’s one thing buyers value as much as space, it’s natural light. So, get rid of the need for nasty overhead lights by installing skylights or extra windows. This will let plenty of light flood into your home and brighten up your space, even on an overcast day. Consider installing velux electric windows if you’re positioning windows in hard to reach positions such as at the top of the stairs or on walls that are too high up to stretch to comfortably. Some models even have a rain sensor to automatically close roof windows for you, which is the kind of convenience and technology that buyers are prepared to pay for!

Add extra rooms


Are you contemplating a loft conversion? Well, do it right and you could add an extra 10 to 20% to the value of your home by doing so: you can use it to create extra bedrooms or bathrooms, or even convert a loft into a home office space. Going up into the loft space to increase your living area is a great idea if you aren’t using the attic for storage, and is a great alternative to extending your building outwards if you simply don’t have the space either side of your property. Speak to loft conversion specialists like Milosh Lofts for a design consultation if you are unsure!

Build an extension

It’s hard to quantify how much money an extension will add to the value of your home, but you can guarantee that it will be a major selling point if you do it well. You might need to ask for planning permission first, but a one or two storey extension could provide you with a bigger kitchen, a larger living room, extra bathrooms, additional bedrooms or a playroom for your family.

Redesign the kitchen


For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. For this reason, there’s money to be made in remodelling yours! Bear in mind that a new kitchen could cost you lots of money or very little, depending on the changes you need to make and the standard of finish you’re hoping to achieve. But to ensure that a new kitchen adds value to your property, research the local area to find out what houses are selling for – use this figure as a means of measuring the extent to which you improve your kitchen, as over-improving it could cost you money, not make you money.

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