Add Value to Your Home with a Designer Bathroom

There are a hundred and one ways to add value to a property. You could build an extension, fit double-glazing, or install solar panels. All of these things will add value and make a home more attractive to buyers. But what about bathrooms – can a designer bathroom add value and make it easier to sell a property?

Bathrooms are a fundamental room in any home. Every house needs at least one bathroom, but larger properties often have two or more. The bathroom isn’t the first room you see when you walk into a home, but since most people need to use it sooner or later, it does need to be presentable.

The Benefits of a Modern Bathroom

Old and dated bathrooms invariably turn off buyers. Dodgy avocado coloured three-piece suites and cracked tiles with blackened grout look hideous. In an otherwise modern and well-maintained home, a tasteless bathroom may be overlooked, but if the rest of the property is lacking charm, it could be the final nail in the coffin.

Dated bathrooms are also a turn off for potential tenants if you are a landlord, although this does depend on the type of tenant you are hoping to attract – young professionals will look for modern, stylish bathrooms whereas low rent tenants will probably be grateful for a bathroom that actually works.

Creating a Designer Bathroom

Modern bathrooms benefit from clean lines and zero clutter. Coloured suites used to be desirable, but these days a white suite is the only colour worth having. The good thing with choosing a coloured bathroom suite is that you are free to go for any colour and style of tile. However, for a more stylish bathroom, consider picking a neutral stone tile – something like travertine marble is a good choice as it is relatively inexpensive but looks fabulous.

Shower or Bath?

Whether you opt for a bath or shower may depend on the available space, but remember: families like to have a bath. If space is an issue and there is not room for a separate shower, consider installing a shower bath instead. If you do opt for a shower bath, fit a glass shower screen rather than hanging a nylon shower curtain.


Designer radiators and other stylish accessories are an easy way of adding style to an otherwise plain bathroom. Designer chrome ladder radiators look fabulous in modern bathrooms and are a big improvement on the old fashioned type of radiator.


Recessed LED lights in the ceiling with vanity lights around the sink area are stylish and modern. LED lights are also eco-friendly and will save you money in the long run. And if your bathroom is large enough, consider fitting a feature light above a vanity unit for maximum ‘wow’ factor.

Ripping out an old bathroom and fitting a new one doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it is important to employ reputable tradesmen, as any mistakes with plumbing will cost you dearly in terms of water damage. For best results, use a tradesman recommended by a friend or family member. That way you are l

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