A Guide to Increase the Value of Your Property


Increasing your home value is not as hard as you think. The internet will throw you all kinds of money intensive recommendation, from attic conversion to adding unnecessary extensions, but the truth is, when most people are considering selling their home, they are unlikely to have time or money for all these huge renovations. Surprisingly, the simple, cost-effective improvement and renovations are what will make the buyer to pay more.

Here is a simple guide on how you can improve the value of your house.

Update the essentials

You need to update essentials in your home such as the water heater, electrical panels, and gas furnace, all these items are critical to property sale. If the inspection report shows that these items are damaged, or old, there is a high chance that a willing buyer will negotiate for a sizeable price on your anticipated house price. If the cost is too daunting, the buyer may decide to walk away.

Hire an inspector

It’s a good idea to hire your inspectors to conduct a walk throughout your homes before the buyer inspector comes along. You will get a report for just a few hundred dollars, which can help you address some of the most critical issues before the buyer knocks on your door.

Regular maintenance

Maintain does not necessarily boost your house value, but neglecting it can dent the value, and even with other renovations, it may be hard to sell at a higher price. So make sure you have regular maintenance is you are looking to sell in future.

Improve curb appeal

Improving curb appeal cannot be overemphasized. The large percentage of buyers will decide whether to look inside your property based on curb appeal. So spend some time renovating and working on the exterior appearance. The first place to start is the home yard which may include adding elements to your landscape. Ryan’s Lawn Mowing in Austin can help improve your curb appeal by optimizing curb appeal by making your lawn attractive add landscaping element that suits your home style. Curb appeal also involves other aspects such as painting exterior walls, trimming trees, and working on all exteriors structure; whatever you do make it attractive to the buyers.



Decluttering is the least inexpensive way of making your home appealing and larger. The National Association of Realtors recommends that you declutter your home before listing it. It generally involves removing things that look more personal and replacing them with modern items. This typically helps buyer imagine themselves in the space, which may increase their perception of the home value and ultimately paying more.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is imperative when listing your house; this gives your home a quick audit. You will also get to know the small things that need fixing. It is a good thing to let a professional cleaner do the job.

Pay attention to smells

Musty and unpleasant odors will chase buyers away even when your house looks spectacular. Make sure everything is clean, and don’t mask the odor with other smell like the incense. Opening the windows may be an excellent way to improve indoor air and clean any lingering odors.

If you follow this simple guide, you will for sure increase the value of your home. The most important thing is to pay attention to details. Focus on your interior, start with the kitchen and bathroom if you have to do renovation; this is the first place your potential buyer will look. More importantly, focus on the exterior, this is what will get buyer onto your doorstep.

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