9 Unique Stair Railings


What’s the first thing you look at when you see a set of stairs? It’s probably not the handrail, unless it’s particularly impressive. Of course, stairs have been in existence for thousands of years. There are examples of stairs with walls on both sides which originate from 2nd millennium BC.

Stairs are everywhere and yet they are often overlooked. They perform a simple yet incredibly important function. In fact, if you should ever suffer a fire in your building they are the only method of getting from upstairs to downstairs.

If you are considering replacing or adding stairs to your home then it is important to consider the best staircase design for your needs.

You can opt for straight stairs, bending ones, spiral or even ones that double back on themselves. But, the thing you really shouldn’t overlook is the stair railings. These are the bits which protect you from falling and can really improve the look of your stairs:

Here are 9 unique ideas to really improve the look of your home:

1. Glass

This is seeing a dramatic increase in popularity in recent years. Glass panels with glass tops or even a wood top can create a beautiful, yet almost invisible balustrade.

2. Rope

This is a more traditional approach but can still be used to create a unique and stylish handrail. You can loop it between posts or have it taut and move it up and down to create a feature.

3. Copper Pipe

If you’re hoping for a real simplistic look then copper pipe is a great way of creating a rustic yet beautiful handrail. Just be warned that this is cold to the touch!

4. Steel Rods

Another unique and imaginative way of creating a handrail or balustrade is to use metal rods. They can be arranged in a neat row or moving across each other to form a stylish yet incredibly strong handrail.

5. Wood Panelling

Another option is to add wood panelling into your staircase. You can mount nice wood boards between the handrail and the floor with the aid of wood or steel supports. This can make a stunning horizontal railing for stairs!

6. Concrete

This is only an option in some houses. The stairs will need to be effectively built into your home. Concrete can be painted white to create feeling of being in the sunshine. It will also add a feeling of space.

Alternatively they can be painted any colour of your choice.

7. Vertical Steel


Another option is to use steel poles. These will run along the top of the balustrade panels. You can then criss-cross them or create ornate panels to ensure they look stunning but are still comfortable to grip; if you need to.

8. Cut Sheet Steel

Steel can also be used to run from the floor to the ceiling. You can then cut out shapes, allowing you to see through the handrail whole being safely enclosed by it.

This can be a remarkable feature in any home.

9. Mix and Match

Finally, you can simply mix and match any, or all of these unique ideas to create your own unique finish!

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