9 steps to sell your house in spring

Spring is upon us – and with it comes a wave of house-hunters, as the market prepares for the busy buying season. As demand rebounds, though, so does your competition, as a growing number of sellers aim to take advantage of the peak period. 

Spring is therefore the best time to sell your home, but it is important to make sure your home will stand out. Updating your listing is important to catch buyers’ attention. If you want more attractive photos, though, you will also need to update your property. 

Ready to make the most of the spring bounce? Here are nine simple steps to sell your house swiftly in spring:

1. Buy your home flowers

Flowers will be blooming outdoors, so why not bring them indoors too? Freshly cut flowers, such as daffodils, can add a warm colour to your rooms. This will give your listing photos a seasonal vibe and, more importantly, impress anyone who visits the property in person for a viewing.

2. Remove pet mess

Some things from the outside you do not want inside. If you have a dog or other large animal, spring will be a time for running around in the garden and then in the kitchen. Try to remove traces of them, such as footprints, fur or toys, from the property and confine them to a single, designated area. For smaller animals, be sure to clean around the hamster cage or fish bowl to make sure things are as tidy as possible.

3. Remove human mess

Animals are not the only ones who make mess: humans do too. From photos of children to dirty clothes, try to minimise the personal clutter on display to make it easier for buyers to imagine themselves living in the property. Unused chairs or other objects that crowd a room should also be removed: you want people looking at your photos to book a viewing, not run away from an obstacle course.

4. Wash the windows

Natural light is your friend: it makes your rooms look brighter and more cheerful, as well as avoiding unnatural colours from artificial sources of light. With the spring skies getting lighter, make the most of it: open your curtains and clean your windows and any doors with window panes in them.

5. Small repairs

Go through your home and carry out any small repairs needed: from missing tiles to chipped paint on doorframes, little touches will make the bigger picture more impressive. Not only will they reassure buyers that your home is looked after, but they will also prevent your property losing its value from a lack of care.

6. Pimp your garden

As everyone’s eyes start to drift out the window, don’t forget to pimp your garden as well as your property: a tidy green space will improve your exterior photos and create a better first impression. If you have recently souped up your garden’s supply of gadgets, take an inventory of new appliances or, if relevant, any major improvements made to the garden (for example, a new fence). This will then make sure you have the details on hand to impress viewers.

7. Think happy colours

Just like the windows, natural colours and bright tones are a hugely effecive way to keep your home looking pretty and seasonal. Avoid dour or dark colours in your decor. Instead, aim for bright shades or even paint your walls a neutral colour, such as white, to make your rooms seem bigger.

8. Eye up the competition

How can you beat your competition if you do not know what they are selling? Use portals to check out other homes on the market in your area to see what sellers have done to improve their adverts. Most important of all, see what the typical asking figure is. Price yours accordingly.

9. Negotiate

Pricing realistically can be the difference between selling and letting a buyer slip away. No matter what price you settle on for your listing, be prepared to negotiate – this will ensure you close the deal on your springtime sale.

Photo: Henry Hemming

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