7 top tips to upgrade your rooftop terraza


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When in Spain, do as the Spaniards do, as the saying goes. And when it comes to Spanish property, that means making full use of indoor and outdoor living spaces so that you can enjoy the glorious weather to the max.

If you own a Spanish villa, chances are that it will have a roof terrace, and that’s where you’re more than likely to want to spend the majority of your days relaxing at home. However, if this most valuable of outdoor spaces isn’t quite as inviting as it could be, maybe you should make some home improvements. Here are 7 top tips to help you transform a plain roof terrace in the perfect summer terraza.

Invest in outdoor furniture

Regardless of whether you use your roof terrace as a relaxed chillout area, an outdoor kitchen or a formal dining area, you can make real impact with some well chosen, gorgeous furniture. All weather comfy seating areas can transform a tired terrace into a chic outdoor lounge space, while contemporary patio seating means you can entertain your family and friends al fresco, whatever the weather and at any time of day or night.

Add some sun shade

Most people come to Spain to take advantage of the wonderful Mediterranean climate but be warned: Spanish summers can be unbearably hot. Unless you design an element of sun shade into your rooftop terraza, it won’t be fit for purpose when you want to use it. Depending on your budget, get a simple parasol, a sun sail, sun sail or awnings to keep the sun off your relaxation space. Or do it in style with a modern thatched sun roof, as illustrated below.

Pop some bold colour

Renowned Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi said: “Light achieves maximum harmony at an inclination of 45 degrees… neither horizontal nor vertical. This is considered medium light and it offers the most perfect vision of objects and their most exquisite nuances. It is Mediterranean light.” You can transform any plain space with the use of colour, whether you simply paint a wall in a vibrant shade of pink or add bright accents in bold patterns here and there.

Introduce softness and cosiness

Why not take your idea of relaxing at home from the inside to outside? A few home comforts may be just what’s needed to soften up a hard stone floor, however beautiful the terracotta tiles may be. Some colourful floor rugs (see below) can work wonders for making your outdoor space ‘pop’ but don’t stop there. Add fluffy cushions, exotic throws or damask table linen to embrace alfresco living and entertaining.


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Water, water everywhere

For the full Spanish oasis effect, and to be able to enjoy hot summers in comfort, a water feature is an absolute must. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a Spanish property that doesn’t have some kind of water based feature. Depending on the size of your roof terrace, a fish tank, paddling pool or water fountain may be all you have space for. But if you’re blessed with generous space, go big and install a hot tub or a even a full size pool!

Add lush greenery

A very effective way to literally bring your concrete terrace alive is to add lush planting. Whether you go for planters or real soil-based flower beds, it’s important to choose the right plants for the climate and location. For hot Mediterranean climates, drought and wind tolerant species are best – there’s a reason why succulents, olive, orange and palm trees thrive here. For spectacular colour and floral impact, try bougainvillea, hibiscus, passiflora or bird of paradise.


Source: Promas Building

Outdoor party space

If you’re lucky to have a big enough terraza, have you thought about installing an outdoor kitchen? Put in a BBQ, a pizza oven and a dining suite too and, hey presto, there’s a great space for an alfresco dinner party.

For entertaining into the evening and the early hours, create a welcoming atmosphere with clever use of outdoor lighting. Candles or storm lanterns add a cosy glow, and solar fairy lights can give the whole place a magical ambience.

Last but not least, add some fun finishing touches. From sun loungers to mini fridges, a sound system or giant chess board, now there’s no reason to spend your time anywhere other than your rooftop haven.


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