6 Ways to Treat Yourself, Today!

You might have heard the saying, if you don’t love yourself – then who will? It’s a stark statement but is also true. We spend so much of our lives rushing around, putting ourselves down and never taking the time to appreciate our accomplishments or those little victories that make the day go a little faster, life can often feel like one big uphill struggle.


But if you take the time to appreciate everything you do and treat yourself now and then, everything might seem a little more worthwhile – and bearable!

Here you’ll find some ideas of how you can treat yourself, today! Go on, you deserve it!

See a little greenery

It’s been proven that spending time in and around nature is good for both our physical health and our mental health too. So why not fill your home with some of the good stuff? Treat yourself to some gorgeous, leafy plants or beautiful blooms and you’ll not only see the room lift, but your mood as well! Take a trip to a plant nursery of The Tree Center to see what inspiration you can find.


The gift of nothing

Yes. This one is so popular, because it’s so simple. Done all the housework? Done some of the housework? Managed a whole morning of doing menial tasks and not quitting? Excellent, now is the time to kick back, and do absolutely nothing. Treating yourself to a bit of breathing room between tasks is the best way to plan your next job. Whether it be sorting your inbox or tackling those dirty dishes.

Read something

It’s so easy to forget that the entire world is just a click away. Or that a completely new world can be reached by simply turning a page. Head online and read an uplifting article or blog post on your favourite subject. Pick up that book you never got to finish last year or start something new and head off on an adventure. Even if it’s just while you’re waiting outside school for the kids – you’ll enjoy it.

You could even head to the library or a second hand book shop to see what else you can find. Giving to charity will always make you feel good.



You know that new pastry shop that’s opened? Or that new stall in the market that’s filled with the most delicious looking fare? Go to it. Right now. Treat yourself to something utterly decadent. Or if something healthier is your idea of heaven – then savour every moment and bite.

Your bed

Treat yourself to some new bed linen. Something soft and cuddly, or something silky and luxurious, regardless of what style you prefer, there’s something really exciting about slipping into brand new bed sheets.

Go to bed

Now you’ve got your new bed linen you could always try it out! Resting is something we don’t ever get enough of, so treating yourself to a nap or well earned rest is good for your body and mind.

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