6 Ways of Using Wall Cladding in the Home


Wall cladding is a great way of updating your home quickly, adding life, vigour and class to a room with minimum fuss. The best feature of this product, aside from being quick and easy to install, is that it can be used in any room of the house. For inspiration on how you could use the fabulous product to spruce up your home, read on as we highlight five ways you can use wall cladding in your home.

Exterior of You Home Wall Cladding


The Exterior of Your house can have a face lift in an affordable way, with the use of exterior composite wall cladding.

You can go from bare stone or concrete to lush woods and stones or even long lasting PVC in multiple colours, the imagination is the limit when it comes to making designs out of wall cladding. As you can see below wall cladding can be used in some very inventive and neutral ways with the external surroundings, stone is one of the most obvious choices for this.

Although if you are based in a more rural area, the wooden cladding may look more in-keeping with the surroundings

Plastic cladding may be more in-keeping with a more residential area, which can be made to look like wood


In the Bathroom

Moisture presents no problem for wall cladding. It is 100% waterproof and because it can be fitted over tiles you can change the interior of your bathroom in a matter of hours rather than days. You can create lots of different looks with wall cladding, whether you want a marble tile effect which adds a touch of class and luxury or you prefer the rustic appearance of stone tiles then wall cladding is a cost-effective alternative.

In the Kitchen

The heart of the family home, the kitchen needs to be easy to clean, fire retardant and waterproof. The wall cladding we supply encompasses all of these things, and because it is available in a wide choice of styles and design, you are sure to get just the look you are after, whether you want a kitchen reminiscent of your time spent in Spain or you want a high-glass finish which is smart and sophisticated.

In the Playroom

A playroom needs to be fun place where your children can really enjoy themselves, and wall cladding provides a space for them which is both child and parent-friendly. The wipe clean surface means that children can scrawl or paint on the cladding without parents worrying about damaging the surface.


In the Conservatory

The conservatory is a great place for wall cladding, and while you can choose from tile-effect panels, you can also choose from wood-effect panels which give a beech effect. Perfect for the summer months when you want to feel like you’re on holiday.

In the Loft Conversion

Much like a conservatory, a loft conversion can be fitted with wood-effect wall panels to create a light, airy and beech feel to the room. This is a great way of creating a luxurious room, which is both stylish and practical.

Hopefully these ideas will have given you some inspiration for improving your home, but if you have some ideas of your own which you want to share please leave a message below.

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