6 Top Tips To Make Your Small Bedroom Better


Having a small bedroom presents a challenge. This is the room that you need to get right if you’re going to be able to relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep. But, if you feel cramped and cluttered then this is highly unlikely to be achieved.

Yet you don’t have to just grin and bear it. A small room presents a challenge but this can be overcome. Here are six top tips to make your small bedroom better…

The bed is key

This might sound obvious but it is worth stressing that the bed is the most important part of your room. With that in mind, there are ways in which you can use your bed to your advantage and help to improve your small room – namely by ensuring that this doubles up as something that you can use for storage. Shop around for a bed with drawers or perhaps one with space underneath for you to stow away bedding, shoes or clothes. Head to Divan Beds Centre for inspiration.

Light colours

You can do a lot to create the impression of having more space by the way you use colour. By painting your walls in light pastel shades or even white you will help to make your room feel more spacious. It’s thought that blue is the most relaxing colour you can choose for a room, so a pot or two of light blue paint might be all you need to make the difference.

Lighting and mirrors

Colour isn’t the only way to give the illusion of greater space, however. Lighting can also play a big part in this. Bright lighting that illuminates your bed – and doesn’t cast shadows – can ensure that your room isn’t gloomy. You also need to make the most of the natural light you get in through the window, with curtains or blinds that can let plenty of this in during the daytime. Positioning a mirror opposite your main window is a great way to create the impression of greater space.


Most bedrooms need a wardrobe – but most wardrobes do take up a lot of space. Consider how you could look to minimise this. Built-in wardrobes with sliding doors can be used to ‘square off’ an unusually shaped room and have the benefit of giving you floor-to-ceiling storage for your clothes.

Free up floor space

If floor space is at a premium then you should do all you can to free it up. Wall lighting and shelving can avoid the need to squeeze big lamps or pieces of furniture in the area that is available to you. As Houzz shows, you could even look to recess the bed into the middle of shelving units to avoid wasted space.  

Don’t try to do too much

This room is, after all, your bedroom first and foremost. Don’t try to cram too much into it. You need a bed and probably somewhere to store your clothes, but do you really need things like a television? This will just add to the clutter and provide a distraction that could stop you from being able to relax.  

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