6 Home Renovation Ways to Raise the Resale Value


Furnishing your home for reselling can be a daunting task. There are several things that you need to worry about, including the cleanliness and the interior of your house. You have to pay extra attention to the furnishing because this time, you are furnishing for the third party, and not for yourself.

You also need to pay attention to the furniture maintenance and the overall look of the place. These things are more than enough to make you worry and confused about what to do and what not to.

If you are also looking for creative ideas to furnish your house to make it look better for selling, this article is for you. Here are a few tips, tricks, and advice that to make your house look all neat and clean so that when you show it for sale.

1. Cleanliness is the key.

You have to pay attention to the cleanliness because no one likes a dirty house. A clean place will make your client instantly feel at home. Before you bring any client to your home, it is mandatory that you deep clean your house.

Clean all the corners and sides and make sure that there are no dirty spots leftover anywhere. Cleaning your home will not only make it look elegant, but it will also make your client feel that you have well maintained your house throughout the years.

Moreover, a clean house will never fail to impress an outsider and will leave a long-lasting impression on the visitor’s mind. Your cleaning efforts will never go in vain and surely will set you a good amount of money at the time of the sale of your house. Your visitors will not be disgusted by any bugs and flies flying here and there.

2. Declutter your house

Decluttering your house is a vital aspect of refurbishing the place. Make sure that you do not leave any junk or unnecessary items behind. Removing unessential things from your house will make your house look spacious and clean. Making your house look more expansive and spacious can fetch you some extra bucks as well. You can do this by dividing all the house items into two groups.

Put all the essential items into one group, and all the other items that you think are of no use to the other group. In this way, you can make use of the items that are in good condition and throw away the items that are of no use. Decluttering will also provide space to the new family tp set up the house according to their preferences. It will also make your house look brighter and bring more fresh air inside.

3. Make an investment

To avail, the maximum benefit from the sale of your house is best if you make prior investments from the sale. For a house that wishes to put on for sale, there is no better investment than investing in a central art piece. It will not only create a thematic look at your house and will undoubtedly draw the attention of people who love art. Other than that, also, an art piece in the house will make it look decorated and well maintained.


You can use CanvasPop’s custom canvas prints to have a dreamy art piece at your place. Along with enhancing the overall look of your house, an art piece at your place will increase the worth of your house as well. Art is known to add value to houses. Therefore, adding beautiful scenery or a painting in the house can fetch you more money than you expect.

4. Don’t let loose ends to ruin the deal.

When you are putting your house on a sale or displaying it to a potential buyer, let no loose ends come into the way. Any faulty switch, loose wire, or broken doorknob can ruin the deal and decrease the worth of your place.

Make sure that all fittings are in place, and no loose wires are hanging around. If you do not want to spend money on repairing those items, it is best not to let them come in a vision or remove them completely. A house with proper fittings, working lightings, and switches in order will help your house get the deserved credit. On the contrary, if visitors go through the broken and faulty items, the chances of the sale go down drastically.

5. Paint away the grimness  

Painting your house at the time of sale in the refurbishing process goes a long way. It is one of the most budget-friendly alternatives to give a new look to the house. With decent colors and contrasts, you can do a whole makeover of your house in a few days. A brush of paint can do wonders for your house and increase its worth.

Fresh and good quality paint in the house will hide away all the dirt, scuff marks, your children’s crayon masterpieces, and whatnot. It will remove all the dirt from the place and give it a fresh and appealing look. Therefore, whenever in doubt, paint your house and remove all its dullness and grimness.

6. Make proper use of your furniture.

When you are expecting visitors to your place, arrange your house in the best way possible. The things you were using in the house don’t need to be of no use to the new homeowners. Therefore, neatly arrange all of your good quality furniture and fitting to give a wholesome look of the place.

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