5 Ways to Make an Australian Home More Comfortable

Living in Australia is a wonderful experience during any time of the year, but obviously on certain days the heat can be a bit much, especially if your house isn’t optimized for the Land Down Under. Australia’s climate and landscape make it an ideal place to settle down and build a home, but it also presents certain challenges when it comes to staying fully comfortable through all seasons. With that said, here are 5 things you can do to make your Australian home more enjoyable and entertaining for yourself and guests:


1.      Use Blinds That Let Natural Sunlight In

The sun shines too bright in Australia for you to be locking yourself away from it completely. Incorporating stylish blinds into your interior design scheme can help you reduce your electricity bill by decreasing your dependence on artificial electric lighting. In addition, letting more light in won’t just make the room look nicer with better illumination, it will also expose you to a greater amount of natural sunlight which will, in turn, boost your vitamin D levels and mood.

2.      Add a Screened-in Patio

Staying inside the whole day isn’t exactly the best way to experience the true feeling of Australia, so why not have a screened-in area that is still away from the bugs and critters, yet out in the fresh air. This modification isn’t really that expensive, and yet it can expand your usable space in a such a way to add value for your investment.

3.      Use Awnings and Overhangs for Shade


While a screened-in area is preferable, you can have shade on every side of your home and even on balconies just by using relatively affordable awnings to create shade anywhere you want it. Going on this concept, you may also want to add a gazebo to your backyard for a shaded spot that is away from the main structure.

4.      Place Fans Strategically

Ceiling fans are great, but they can’t really circulate air like an arrangement of wall-mounted oscillating fans. A central air conditioning system is also nice to have, but when you want to save electricity and keep things breezy indoors at all times, a larger number of smaller fans is the way to go. This might seem like a hassle, but for a few hundred dollars you can have superb air flow in every area of the home.

5.      Install a Pool

Some days it’ll just be too hot to make being outside tolerable without some cold water on your body. If an in-ground pool is beyond your current capabilities, consider the benefit of adding a small above-ground pool like an Intex or Bestway to your backyard area. Throw in a wet bar, a shaded table and chair setup, or a drink station for extra measure.

In closing, at the core of having a comfortable home is the building process. Use materials that are known for providing excellent insulation and you’ll put less of a burden on your HVAC system. Remember to work with the natural lighting from the sun. Buy blinds and use them to reduce light when needed. Comfort is essential in the home, so take the time to look at what it will take to make your home an oasis from the everyday stresses of life.

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