5 Tips to Turn Your New House into a New Home

Turning Your New House into a Home

After all of the stress which comes from buying a new house and moving your life into it, all you really want is a comfortable home to relax in. Just because you call it your new home, doesn’t mean it will feel like one just yet!


Everyone feels the need to make at least some small changes to their home, adding a personal touch which provides comfort and character to fit your taste and needs.

Not everyone has the time or budget required to make wholesale changes. Below, we present five simple ways in which you can bring your home to life.

Unpack Your Belongings

Busy lifestyles make a habit of putting the unimportant parts of our lives on indefinite hold. For many people, settling into a new home can take a long time because of this.

It may be tempting to live out of boxes and only unpack as necessary, however, it will perpetuate the feeling of transition. By ensuring you have enough time and motivation to finish your move, you will start to feel at home in your new surroundings.

Improvised Artwork

Bare walls are not homely but finding things to cover them with can be an expensive hobby. Making your own artwork offers a cheaper way to adorn your home though.

You can pick up either empty picture frames or old pictures from any number of places including discount shops and thrift stores. These can then be given a new lease of life to turn a plain wall into something with a personal meaning to you.

Planting a Future


A touch of greenery helps bring a tranquil feel to a house but it can also bring practical uses too. For any family that likes to cook, growing your own herbs is a must. This can extend to producing basic ingredients like chilli peppers and tomatoes if you live in a suitable climate which will also add a new dimension to your lifestyle.

Growing plants do not need to be restricted to an indoor activity though. While cultivating a garden can be time-consuming and laborious, there are several benefits which come with planting trees in your garden.

Scenting Your Home

Once you finally arrive and are able to close the door on the outside world behind you, it is the unconscious factors which can jar us out of relaxation. The plastic smells of packaging, the faint aroma of a fresh paint, traces of cleaning chemicals, these are all things which can linger in your home after a move.


Making your new house carry an old and familiar smell will greatly help to produce a more naturally comforting environment. By bringing cut flowers, scented candles or potpourri that you have previously used into your home or simply cooking a favourite meal, you will bring a natural smell back into your life.

Explore Your New Neighborhood

Chances are it’s not just a new house but also a new area you’re moving into. If this is the case, you should make a concerted effort to get acquainted with your new surroundings.

Many people feel stressed or depressed because of what they’ve left behind. Instead, there’s a host of new hidden gems and wonders waiting for you to find them just around the corner.

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