5 Tips to Increase The Value of Your Garden


If you’re looking to sell your house and looking to increase the value of it as much as you can, one place not to overlook is your garden.  Giving your garden a wow factor can add significant sums to your property’s value.

A garden that is well-designed and looked after is a real plus when it comes to attracting potential buyers.  It really helps make your property stand out, and can easily add 5-10 per cent on the price of your house.

Here are five tips to help you add value to your house and garden:

Less is more

Outdoor space is at a premium so you need to work out what you want your garden to be used for and what might attract potential buyers when you put your house up for sale.  For a family home it may be wise to maintain a grassy area for children to play, whilst busy professionals may want to consider a low-maintenance garden.  Those with more leisure time may prefer to have more flower beds and grow fruit/veg.

However, overstocking your garden with plants could put off a number of potential buyers; those that want a low-maintenance garden or those with children that want a safe environment for them to play may be put off.  Often, less is more.

Landscape gardening

If you’re planning significant changes to your garden it would be well worth getting the advice of a landscape gardener.  Their expertise can help you come up with a plan on how to maximise the space you have.

You can expect to pay around £400 for an initial consultation and plan, depending on the size of your garden, and usually between 5-15 per cent of the value of your project.

An alternative to a landscape gardener would be to ask your friends and neighbours for their input and recommendations.  You can always look online and on property websites to come up with ideas.

And your plan can always be shown to a local estate agent as they will have a good idea whether it will improve your property’s value and saleability.

Patios and decking


A terrace usually ranks highly on people’s wish list, so stepping out into the garden onto decking or a patio will increase both value and saleability 99 per cent of the time.  Enough hard surfacing to host a table and chairs and even space for a barbeque will win over many potential buyers.

Those who use their garden frequently are investing in lighting and patio heaters more often these days.  With a covered terrace and heating, it allows you to enjoy the outdoors for more than just the summer.

Garden doors

Safety is one important factor when it comes to your use.  The garden can be a popular route for burglars as often they are away from the main roads and streets, meaning there’s less chance of being spotted.

Also, many homes have a weaker back door compared to their front, which is why we’d strongly recommend that you consider composite back doors to strengthen your protections and help eliminate your house being broken into.

Kerb appeal

A potential buyer’s first impression is huge when it comes to selling your house and selling it at the value you are after.  Therefore we recommend that you don’t neglect your front garden.

If you have a tidy and well-presented front garden, perhaps some slow-growing plants that don’t require a significant amount of maintenance, a trellis or fence to conceal ugly wheelie bins, all of this will increase your chances of selling your home when you’re looking to move.

In cities where parking is at a premium, if you’re able to add a driveway it will increase the value significantly.  Though you will need to check you can pave over green space first following stricter legislation since 2008.

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