5 Mistakes to Avoid When Interior Designing Your Home

There are interior designing elements that matter most for your home to be transformed into the stuff of dreams. The end result of your living space depends upon your style, your location, the size of home and the amount you are willing to spend on your place.


There are some mistakes that people nearly always make when interior designing their homes. These mistakes need to be avoided and the best way to do that is through the help of professionals. Regardless of where in Sydney you reside, here are some of the mistakes that you need to avoid in your interior styling endeavours.

1.    Paint First, Worry About Furniture Later

When you think about interior design, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably something incredibly simple and easy to do: colour. But whatever you do, do not make the mistake of painting the walls and other areas of your house before you have your furniture selected and installed.

This is because, believe it or not, when you already have the furniture in place, it will be much easier to envision a colour that complements your furniture and adds to your home’s overall look and feel. It’s much more difficult to match up your wall colour to your furniture. Your Furniture helps you in selecting your wall colour.

2.    Too Much Matching

You may not realize this, but there is a phenomenon called too much matching when it comes to interior design. Using a prefabricated theme throughout the house seems like the logical thing, but it’s the easy way out.

You’re losing your personality along the way. When there are no contrasting colors to help certain areas and furniture pieces in your home stand out, you lose out on the advantage of having style and personality. Let advantagestyling.com.au help you out by garnering the personality you’re after with contrasting colours to suit your circumstances and needs.

3.    Too Much Contrast

It’s the opposite of what we just touched upon briefly in the previous section, but you need to be careful not to lie on the ends of this spectrum, rather be somewhere in the middle of it. You don’t want to have everything burdening your eyes with a lot of contrast. Instead get a little bit of contrast where it really matters most. Even out the items and placement of furniture to allow a balance to be established.

4.    Sliding Furniture Against The Wall


You may naturally be tempted to do this but it would only make things worse. Wherever you can, you should avoid doing this. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t give the illusion of a bigger living space, nor does it help save it.

5.    Elevated Furniture

There should be varying sizes and heights of your furniture so that your space appears more beautiful to the beholder. A home is a work of art, much like a city scape painting, the different heights of buildings is what gives the city scape its charm and beauty.

Get inspired and have artworks, windows, beds, tables, chairs and other facets of the room at different heights to give your home an appearance of a fine piece of art.


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