5 Hacks That Turn Your New House into a Home


We’re all familiar with the saying ‘home is where the heart is’.

A house is a physical space but the concept of a home is much more — it’s an emotional enclave we share with the people we love.

That’s why you imagine living there before you buy a new property.

But once you’ve got the keys the real work starts — so here are five hacks that turn your new house into a home.

Light up your life

Quality of light can really affect your mood, concentration and sleep cycles.

So the right choice of drapes and blinds allows you to control the level of daylight when you’re at home.

But ambient lighting combats the effects of dark mornings and evenings — mood lights from a firm like The Glow Company help you perk up or drift off at the touch of a button.

Creature comforts

Your living room is the perfect place for creature comforts like TV, books and photographs.

And it’s a hotspot for family relaxation and entertaining guests.

But if you don’t feel comfortable it’s unlikely your guests will — so make sure it suits your family first and foremost.

Good sofas are a great place to start — because we’re tactile creatures the right cushioning and fabric makes us feel fantastic. India Jane has a great range of stylish sofas that turn a living room into the centre of family life.

Bedroom bliss

You might have to negotiate your bedroom décor with your partner, but cool neutral shades are usually the most calming.

And if you want a good night’s sleep then leaving electronic devices at the door ensures you can calm your mind for a natural night’s rest.

But a strong supportive mattress is a must — the Cuddle Mattress aligns your spine and lets you curl up with your better half without waking up with pins and needles in the morning.


If you lead a busy life then the bathroom might become your sanctuary — it’s one space you can reserve briefly for your exclusive use.

If you love to soak away stress in the tub then candles and bath salts make bathing blissful.

And underfloor heating prevents a desperate dash across cold tiles on winter mornings.

Warm welcome

The front of your house welcomes you home — so it should make you smile.

A door with a warm wood finish subconsciously suggests stability and security — while a tidy lawn restores your sense of order after a chaotic day.

And a personalised mat from The Mat Factory reminds family and friends they’re entering a peaceful place — so their worldly woes should be left outside with the dirt from their shoes.


Follow these five hacks and your new house will transform into a terrific home where everyone feels welcome.

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