4 Things to add to your home to increase its value


If you are looking to work your way up the property ladder to your dream home, then adding value onto your current home is a must. Increasing your home’s value doesn’t have to be getting a loft conversion or adding a conservatory to your current home. The little things matter too. Here’s a list of what to add to your current property to give it that extra bit of value.

Shower Tech

The Moen U Shower solves one of the biggest problems in life- getting your shower the perfect temperature. The mounted controller allows you to find your favourite temperature before you even step into the shower. You can control your shower from the wall mounted device or, you can use the handy smartphone app to start and stop your shower to reduce water waste. The app allows you to schedule your shower so it starts at a planned time, it will notify you when your shower is ready for you to hop in and, lasts for as long as you want so you don’t to spend too much time in there and miss your meetings. Moen U Shower has an MSRP of $2,265 (£1697.62).

Smart Sockets

The super innovative Swidget Smart Home Outlets allows you to upgrade your boring plugs to give them more than fifteen uses. The insert in-between the two sockets can work as a carbon monoxide sensor, motion sensor and, a Bluetooth speaker. You can chop and change the inserts whenever you want to change your plug’s purpose. Swidget smart home outlets are easy to install and doesn’t need the help of a DIY expert to do it.  The soon to be released Kickstarter project has gained over $100,000 in investment after setting a $40,000 goal.

Portable AC

Although this is something you may take with you when moving house, a Portable air conditioner is something that will really beneficial to have around the house. With most houses in the UK without fitted air conditioner units, a portable AC will ensure that wherever you go around the house, you will stay cool! Gear Hungry have an array of portable air conditioners available to you therefore, you’ll easily be able to find one that suits your needs.

Smart Fridge

With its three built-in cameras, Wi-Fi and tablet, Samsung’s latest and greatest fridge offers everything you need and more in your kitchen appliance. The fridge includes a 21.5” touchscreen that allows you to stream your favourite music, TV and film from your Home TV or phone. The fridge has built in 5 Watt speaker that can keep the whole room entertained whilst you’re cooking your meals. The three cameras allow you to look inside your fridge wherever you are in the world, and you can see how empty your fridge is as you’ll never be able to fill all 550 Litres of it. Samsung’s Family Hub Multi door Fridge Freezer has an RRP of £3,599 but finance options are available.

With these gadgets available to you, it is a must that you invest in these to increase the value of your home!

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