4 Great Benefits of Installing Retractable Awnings Around Your Home

As the weather in Australia gets increasingly hotter every year, we are always looking for some kind of relief from the elements. As home owners, we are always looking for ways to find new space in and around our homes and rather than spend lots of money building an extension onto your home or building a covered patio area that is also going to cost more money, why not look into other options like awnings.


Awnings and particularly, retractable awnings offer us many advantages that includes additional shade from the hot sun, protection from the rain to keep us dry, the creation of a cool room that the awning is attached to on the outside and also additional outdoor space for BBQ’s and such. These awnings offer many advantages and we will talk about some of them here today.

1. Additional Shade from the sun – As doctors have told us many times, being in the sun for extended periods of time is bad for us. It leaves us more open to certain cancers of the skin and other ailments. In Australia, we get more than our fair share of the sun almost every day, so having a way to get additional protection from the sun is very welcome. Retractable awnings can provide this additional protection, so that we can still enjoy the outdoors while protecting ourselves from the sun.

2. Saves on the Utility Bills – In Australia, we use air conditioners fairly regularly and we manage to run up a sizeable bill each month. Anything that can help us reduce this bill is to be welcomed. If you are the type of family that constantly runs air conditioners or fans, then getting an awning installed is a great way to reduce your utility bills. The awning helps to keep the room cooler and so means less use of your air conditioner and fans.


3. Extra Space – We never have enough space, no matter how big our homes are and we are always looking for ways to create more space. A retractable awning allows you to create additional space anywhere around your home. It puts a roof over your head and provides additional space for family events like BBQ’s, and romantic evening meals outside. The additional space allows us to relax more and decrease our stress levels that are quite high in today’s fast moving modern world.

4. Incredibly Easy to use – Once your awning is fitted by a professional, it is really easy to operate it. You can have two choices, the first is a manual awning and the second, an electric awning. For the manual one, all you need to do is use the crank arm to roll and unroll and with the electric awning, it is as simple as just pressing a button and the awning will unroll by itself. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Awnings are a great way to create more space for your family around the home without having the additional expense of building additional rooms onto your home.

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