4 Design hacks for the Ideal Home Office


Spending your working day under your own roof is becoming commonplace — the number of UK staff working from home has now passed the 1.5 million mark.

And when you add self-employed home workers to the figure, it’s boosted to four million.

Saying goodbye to the office environment can save expensive overheads and provides more flexibility for workers if managed properly.

But creating an environment that’s conducive to productivity is crucial — so here are four design hacks for the ideal home office.

Garden office

It’s important to enforce boundaries between your domestic and work life — especially if you work from home.

If you’ve got the space and some savings, one of the best ways to draw a line is investing in a garden studio or office.

These structures offer just enough separation from your house to facilitate mental focus and working in a natural environment is always pleasant.

You morning commute will be much more relaxing too — walking barefoot across the grass beats a crowded train carriage any day.

Loft office


If you’re struggling for garden space, the next best thing to a separate studio might be a spacious loft office with lots of natural light.

Installing a mezzanine provides a private space that flows smoothly into the rest of your interior — but installing skylights in an existing loft space also creates an airy environment that’s bright and breezy.

And if you want to take your home office to the next level you can even install a new bathroom — allowing you to relax and unwind before your next teleconference.

Standing desk

Sitting at your desk all day can increase your chances of developing serious conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Proactive employers will encourage staff to regularly take breaks to stand up and walk around, but this proves easier said than done in a busy environment.

But the benefits of standing desks are becoming apparent to a wide range of converts — from dedicated distance learning students working through online degrees to hardworking tech entrepreneurs developing innovative products.

Vertical desks can really improve your posture and dramatically improve long-term health.

You can even purchase models that are attached to treadmills — so you can go for the burn while running your business.

Home gym


Physical fitness makes you less prone to common bugs and sharpens your business mind.

So the ultimate home office installation might be your very own home gym.

A padded floor is perfect for yoga and meditation sessions that set you up for a mindful working day and an exercise bike allows you to clock up a few miles in between work tasks.

But don’t forget a punch bag — hammering out your frustrations is a terrifically therapeutic stress-reliever.

Throw in some free weights and you’re prepared for a full-body workout every working day.

So a home gym lets you take care of your body to keep you fighting fit for business battles.

These four design hacks for the ideal home office allow you to strike a beautiful balance between work and play.

What features would your ideal home office include? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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