3 Expert Tips on Boosting Your Home Value


There are many ways you can make your property more appealing to potential buyers. Taking some simple steps can actually improve the value of your property. Before selling a property, it is a great idea to invest in some home improvements in order to boost its value. The property market has shown great signs of growth these past two years, which means the simplest preparations can gain you a large boost in value due to the high demand.

To help you get started, we’ve talked to some expert realtors and discovered the three best tips on boosting your home value. Be sure to check out the tips we are about to discuss before selling your property.

Make It Move-In Ready

Buyers are far more interested in properties that are move-in ready. They are willing to pay extra for move-in ready properties too. More importantly, it is not difficult to get your property to a move-in ready state.

A good way to start is by fixing any problem with the property, especially small problems that can potentially turn into bigger ones in the future. You need to make sure that the new owner can just move into the house when the sale is completed.

It is also a good idea to make some changes to parts of the house. Replacing an old kitchen with a more modern one and adding smart appliances to the property are known to bring the largest boost in value.

Speaking of changes…

Invest in Home Improvements

Some home improvements can increase the value of your property by 2 or 3 times the investment you made to get them. Double-glazed, energy-efficient windows, for instance, are very popular with home buyers today. As long as the style of the window frames is right, you will have no trouble at all increasing the value of your property.

The same can be said for heated flooring. This is a home improvement that has been very popular among younger couples and modern families. The best heated floors Montreal has to offer are known to help increase the property’s value by as much as three times the investment.

Stick with functional home improvements. Make sure any changes you make don’t ruin the design theme and ambience of the house as a whole and don’t forget to check market trends to gain the biggest advantage.

Quality Over Quantity

Last but not least, improve the overall quality of the house before putting it up for sale. Make sure the front lawn is properly trimmed and that the exterior paint doesn’t look outdated. Quick maintenance tasks that are easy to do yourself are actually very useful in making the property appear more attractive to buyers.


It’s not the number of home improvements and features you add to the house that matters; it’s the overall quality of the property that will help make a difference. The simple tips we’ve covered in this article will help you take the right steps towards boosting the market value of your property without a problem.

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