10 Tech Upgrades that Boost Your Home’s Value

The houses we buy and live in, or the houses we rent, are not only assurance for our lives but also investment tools that can be valued as time goes by. Everyone wants the value of their house to increase. But especially for our readers who are planning to sell the house soon, we have reviewed what you can do to improve the value of your home.


If you do not have a severe infrastructure problem in your home, it is possible to make the house perfect and increase its value by making changes quickly. To obtain a high rental income or to sell at the value of the property, it is necessary to meet specific criteria of the said real estate. Is it possible to achieve this? It is, of course, possible to sell or sell your house at a better price.

However, as a host, you need to make some preparations and make some changes in advance.

Here are ten developments and alterations that will both increase your home attractiveness and ensure you get a high return.

The Most Essential Element: The Walls

The first thing that stands out when you enter a house, especially an empty house, is, of course, the walls. We can have an idea of the house situation by looking at the walls. The moisture and water from the roof, the dirty/clean water leaking from the old installations always show itself on the walls.

If you plan to sell your home, of course, your priority should be in infrastructure issues. If your walls or floor-ceiling are getting water, you should fix and repair this water source. Once you’ve solved the infrastructure problems, you should adjust the look of the walls.

You do not have to paint the wall and repair it. You might think that the buyers of the house will paint according to their taste, but that’s not true. No matter how well the infrastructure is, a worn-out and neglected house will cause a bad first impression and create distrust in potential buyers traveling around the house.

Kitchen Cabinets Should be Clean


The fact that your kitchen cabinets are clean, and gleaming is one of the most influential factors in the overall air of the house. Also, replacing the handles of the fixed cabinets at home with new ones will give your cabinets fresh air. Nowadays, it is possible to find hundreds of different handle models in building models and even decoration stores. You can make a small but effective difference by replacing obsolete, boring, outdated buckets with eye-catching new buckles.

Plasterboard Applications

Of course, the ideal way to layer economic, practical and easy elegance with empty rooms is card-boarding applications. We recommend you choose from models that are simple and uneven if possible because a simple model matches the taste of almost everyone.

With this simple and inexpensive tactic, you can create much better quality and stylish appearance in your rooms. In addition, if your ceiling is high enough, plaster applications can also be used to create elegant designs and lighting systems.

Conveyors and Batteries

Both sinks and kitchens in the kitchen, as well as bathrooms and toilets, and worn-out, old-looking bathrooms will make an enormous difference as you cannot believe in replacing kitchens and bathrooms with new ones.

Renew Your Windows


Rebuilding your windows’ frameworks or complex window systems is, of course, a relatively large renovation. However, do not forget that if your window hatches are in bad condition– old, worn out, improper handling of air currents and rain– insulation becomes out of order. In addition, unhealthy habits will significantly reduce the value of your home. Evaluate that the cost will increase the value of your home and perhaps make it sold faster.

Electric Switches

Do not forget that details are critical! By replacing stained, old or inferior quality electrical switches and outlets with new models, you can make a better and more favorable impression on potential buyers. Quality electric buttons will add more luxury and quality to your home. And now there are many unusual colors in the market, you can adjust your choice according to your taste and budget.

Cleaning is Very Important

It’s also essential that your house is always clean, and that potential buyers have a clean and spacious feeling when you are walking around your home.

Honeywell Lyric Security system

The system focuses on a new intelligent touch-sensitive controller connected to seven new devices (keyboard, siren, glass break sensor, motion detector, smoke detector, wireless keychain and surveillance camera).


However, unlike the previous security systems, Honeywell offers additional intelligent functions as home security tips. The Lyric system can be controlled directly from your smartphone or tablet and connected to a Lyric thermostat. It can also be used as a hub for Z-Wave devices.

Lately, we’ve had the opportunity to see how the system works with several existing devices, including batter blocks, lights shadows. Despite being an absolute competitor, Honeywell has serious obstacles to overcome the Lyric system, especially if Nest and the proxy want to compete with Google.

Energy Consumption and Durability Study

People who want to buy a new home or those who will stay in rental houses should choose by adding the expenses that they will spend during their residence so that the owners of real estate should add energy-saving systems to the point of increasing house value. These studies start with the least costly heat insulation studies that come to mind.

It is possible to have a direct increase in the rent value as well as the heat insulation studies which allow the heating costs to fall in large proportions. Just as it is in the case of heat insulation vehicles, what kind of system is the home heating system is also demanding the house, and at this stage, it is a factor that determines what the rent and sales prices will be.


Lighting is also an important criterion for customers coming to the house. A bright spot is always more attractive. If you want your real estate to be appealing to buyer candidates, keep an eye on your lighting and increase the power of your light bulbs when necessary. Also, do not let the shutters and curtains block the sunlight coming from the outside.


Increasing real estate value in real estate sales does not require as demanding a process as it is supposed to. With a few simple differences, you can make your house much more valuable and end the deal profitable. You can be more profitable with proposals that increase the value of your home. In return, they make your home earn more. Also, you can have a more luxurious and spacious home without having to sell your home. A spacious house means more luck.

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