10 space hogging things in your bedroom you must get rid of now


Bedrooms are often the most cluttered room in the house with tons of items that are usually of little use. Spring time is here which means it is a great time to do a little spring cleaning and start de-cluttering your home.

1. Multiple Wardrobes and Dressers
You may think you need two wardrobes but you probably could do with just the one. You don’t have to dispose of your excess furniture, simply store it with Alligator Self Storage and you will be able keep your possessions in a safe and secure location for as long as you need.

2. Spare Bed
Many homes have a spare bed that usually remains unslept in for months or even years. If you rarely have guests stay overnight then it may be time to say farewell to that extra lonely bed.

3. Books and Magazines
If most of your books do nothing more than collect dust, donate them or sell them to your local second hand book store to make some extra cash.  

4. Wire Hangers
Open any closet and you’re guaranteed to find masses of hangers that have somehow managed to intertwine to create an impossible knot. According to www.personalorganizing.com, ‘hangers stretch the shoulders at odd angles, and the plastic traps the dry cleaning chemicals so they work even longer, slowly but surely degrading the fabric’. Make sure you use the correct hangers for your clothes.

5. Clothes and Shoes
Men and women are both guilty of hoarding masses of unworn clothes and shoes. Unworn clothes take up a lot of wardrobe (and floor) space which is why it is advised to give away the clothes that you never wear as well as shoes and handbags etc.

6. Unfinished Projects and Old Hobbies

How many times have you taken up a new hobby, decided it wasn’t for you and left the equipment gathering dust in your bedroom? This could include those art supplies that you got when you thought you could be the next Van Goth or the set of brand new tennis rackets that haven’t seen the light of day in months. According to the Daily Mail, a great way to help you sort out your clutter is to ‘put everything you are unsure about in a bin bag. Take out anything as and when you need it. By the end of the month you will know what you don’t use because it will still be in the bag.’

7. Jewellery
If you open up your top drawer or glance around your bedroom for a moment, you are bound to notice a few pieces of jewellery that never spends any time on a wrist or around a neck. Sort out which pieces you want to keep and give the rest to family, friends or to charity.

8. Bedding

Extra pillows, blankets and cushions clog up a lot of bedroom space. Although it is a good idea to have a few extra bits of bedding for emergencies, you don’t need to overdo it. Store some of it in your attic until it’s needed.

9. Office and Work Stuff
Your bedroom should be a place to relax in, not a place of work. Move all your office/work related items out of the bedroom and give yourself that extra room for a bit of much needed freedom.

10. Cosmetics
Beauty and hair products take up a lot of room, especially the empty bottles and cans that should have been thrown out weeks ago. Grab a black bag and start filling it with all of your unused/empty cosmetics.

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