10 Must Have Cleaning Tools For Your Home


When you put your heart and soul together in getting a lovely home for yourself, you do everything to make it look beautiful. Right from choosing the paint for walls to a small decoration piece, there is nothing that goes ignored. You buy furniture to match the interiors, tableware, silverware, decor products and many other things to make your home visually appealing.

When you are investing your precious time and efforts in building a beautiful home for your family, it becomes your responsibility to keep it thoroughly maintained. The maintenance procedure involves keeping intact that shine of your furniture, fixtures and decor items.

To keep your home clean and beautiful, you must squeeze out some time from your busy routine. You have to expend time on buying all purpose cleaning solutions, floor cleaners, tile cleaners and even window cleaning products.

If you visit a store, you might get confused with the variety of cleaning tools that are available. Also, you might end up getting things that you don’t need. Here is a list of some cleaning tools that you must have in your home:

Scrub brush

Some areas of your home bear stains that cannot be removed with the help of just a sponge or a cloth. They require thorough scrubbing. This is where a scrub brush comes to use. With the help of a hard-bristled scrub brush, you can easily remove harsh stains and sail through the otherwise difficult process of UPVC cleaning.

Microfiber cloths

Microfiber cloths are soft and lightweight material that can be used to clean some delicate items like a beautiful glass flower vase. The best part about using these cloths is that they will not leave behind streaks or any ugly marks on the furniture and fixtures.


Dust brings germs and to get rid of these harmful germs, disinfectants are the perfect solution. Disinfectants should be brought to use while cleaning floors, bathrooms and kitchens. There is a wide assortment available in the market to choose from.

Glass cleaning solutions

Oils stains, fingerprints and watermarks cannot be removed completely from a glass table or a glass decor product unless you use a good glass cleaning solution. You must have one in your home cleaning kit.

Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is very helpful in pulling out hidden dirt. It helps you reach areas which otherwise cannot be cleaned with the help of a cloth or a brush. Besides, it is of great help in cleaning carpets and cushions.


Squeegee is a great tool to remove water from flat surfaces. It contains a very smooth rubber blade that can wipe off water from any surface, even glass, without leaving streaks and marks. At your home, it can be used to clean floors, windows and shower cubicles.

Extendable duster

There are some areas in your homes that cannot be reached easily. They are either placed on a height, like a chandelier or settled in some unapproachable corners. To clean such items, an extendable duster happens to be the best product.

Spray bottle

It becomes very difficult to carry a bucket of water throughout your home while cleaning. Most of you avoid using them unless absolutely necessary. When such is the case, spray bottles are of a great help.


To clean windows and floors at times, you need a continuous supply of water. This requirement cannot be met easily by a spray bottle. This is where bucket comes to use.


Sponges can be used to clean pretty much everything, from small home decor products to a large glass door. They remove dust and keep things dry. They are soft and do not cause any harm to furniture and fixtures.


Home cleanliness is a time consuming and somewhat difficult task. But if you have all the above mentioned cleaning products with you, your job will get quite easy.

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