Security Measures for your Home – The Products you need to Achieve them


For those of us who are responsible for a home, whether that be renting, new buyers, or homeowners, home security is absolutely paramount. It is a priority that we should never let subside.

The most important aspect of home security is making sure that every single area is accounted for. From simply checking each window and door before bed to ensure it’s locked, to installing appropriate measures that can provide that extra security.

In this blog we will cover the five main touchpoints in our homes that require security measures, while also suggesting some great products to achieve that important extra care needed.

Doors – Code lock


Our homes sometimes have several doors, usually a front, back and set of patio doors. Each set should be paid equal attention to when installing security measures. If you are unsatisfied with just locking your doors as usual then we would recommend installing a digital lock that is a more advanced way to keep doors secure. Digilocks can be very advanced, with some including a touch-screen of numbers. This can be more subtle than a manual panel. When the same numbers of a manual panel are being pressed, they can begin to ware, indicating which numbers are being used most regularly. The touch screen is less likely to wear away, therefore giving no numbers away and providing a higher level of security.

Valuable contents – Safe


Valuable content includes things like jewellery, important paperwork, money and documents should always be kept in a safe place. Even if you have contents insurance, there are certain items that we own that are simply irreplaceable, or would be a real hassle to replace even if covered by insurance. With that said, it’s highly recommended that we have a safe in order to store these valuable items. We would recommend an electronic safe like the one below. An added tip is to keep the safe to the bottom of a wardrobe, cabinet, or something of that kind, to ensure added security.

Garages and/or sheds


Moving away from indoors, there are important areas outside our home too, like a shed or garage. These can have all sorts of garden tools, furniture, or vehicles in them that should be kept secure. By adding say a closed shackle padlock, like the one below to your garage or shed, you can rest assured that it’s much more secure than without one.

Entire home – Alarm system


An overall security measure that is a complete essential in any home, is a complete alarm system. Installing an alarm can make for a thorough home security system whether you’re out, or away on holiday. What’s more is by having the alarm up on the front and back of the house, so it is visible to others, and usually when it is activated a subtle light flashing can also signal to onlookers that it is on. Therefore this makes it apparent to potential burglars that there is a system in place. 

Home security when away – Smartphone alarm kit


Finally, a security measure that brings all measures together. The smartphone alarm kit is the most advanced demonstration of technology and home security to date, and offers control over your home security alarm from your phone. They require a little more investment than your average padlock, but for the added security and the sheer cleverness of the technology, I’d say it is well worth it. This system can give you piece of mind even when away, ensuring that your security system is secure, giving you updates and alerts if something were to disrupt it.

So the moral of the blog is to ensure that you’re vigilant and thorough with every area in and around your home. Each area needs the same amount of attention given to the security measures, and will leave you feeling much safer and in control of your own home and its contents.

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