Security Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying a New Home

Research conducted in 2003 showed that only 40% of first time buyers considered security when buying their first home.  These are interesting stats when you consider that new homeowners are twice as likely to be burgled as those that have been living in a property for over a year.  These stats may sound worrying, but if you take the time to assess the area you are moving to, and the security features on your new home, you will hopefully not have any issues.  Keep reading to find out more about the security features that you should be looking for.

Before Moving – Assess the Neighbourhood

If you’re looking at new homes during the middle of the day, you may think that the area is perfect.  However, skip forward until the sun goes down and it may be a different story.  If you are unable to visit the house at different times of the day, log onto a website like  You can enter the postcode of the property and you will be provided with a list of the crimes that happened in the area.  Detailed statistics are available which show you the types of crimes committed, and how many were reported.

Change the Locks

Once you have moved into a new home, it’s paramount that you change the locks as soon as possible.  A reputable company like locksmiths Of London – can be booked in advance, so it’s wise to do this as soon as you have a moving in date.  After all, you don’t know if anyone still holds a copy of the keys.  It’s a good idea to consider a restricted key system which only a locksmith can install.  If you have numerous doors on your property, a locksmith can fit them all with the same lock to save you room on your keyring.

Install an Alarm

If your new property already has an alarm, make sure you know who the alarm was fitted by, and what will happen if it is set off.  You need to be aware of the alarm code, and whether it being triggered will automatically alert the emergency services. If your new property doesn’t have an alarm, it’s a good idea to have one installed.  Not only do alarms act as a deterrent, but they can also alert you immediately to any problems.

Disguise the Fact That You Have Just Moved In

Finally, it’s a good idea to try and disguise the fact that you have just moved into a property.  Hang blinds or curtains straight away, and hide any packing boxes from sight.  Introduce yourself to your neighbours in the first few days, and make the home look occupied, even when it isn’t.  When you go out for an afternoon, leave the radio on, keep blinds closed, and use timers for lights so that they switch on at dusk.

By following the tips above, you can lower the chance of your home being burgled.

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