The front door is the main entrance into your home. It’s the first thing your guests will see, so it should have aesthetically pleasing features. But it is also the first obstacle would-be intruders or trespassers will encounter, so it should be secure.

Your home should be a haven where you can always find comfort. But asides comfort, your home should also deliver security. According to experts from Himmel’s, “…the front door is the first line of defence against intruders. This is why every door should be capable of delivering optimal security over the entry it’s shielding…”

But because every home is unique, the same type of door will not be ideal for all settings. That is, the type of door that will best suit a home is dependent on what sort of building it will be installed in, as well as the level of security and convenience the owner wants. To ensure, you purchase and have installed the right front door for your property, you simply need to ask yourself the following questions.

What should I pay for a front door?

In every circumstance, price is always a determining factor. If you can’t afford a particular product, there’s no point craving it until you have the financial means to possess it. Therefore, when picking a front door, you should limit yourself to the highest quality options within your price range.

While keeping price in mind, be sure to go for the highest quality front door available. After all, quality equals security and it will be foolhardy to compromise quality for price. The quality of a door will be determined by the sort of lock it comes with, the strength and durability of the material used to build the door, and how well its design blends with your home.

The size of the door you need will naturally be determined by the size of the entry you hope to cover. The bigger the door, the more costly it will likely be. Your selected door should also come with a decent warranty. Certain door manufacturers offer up to 10 years guarantee.

 What design should I look out for?

The front door design that’ll work best for your home is dependent on your type of property as well as its location. A door’s design should match the general theme of the building and the entire room designs. Thus, if your home is an early Victorian one, the front door’s design should carry Victorian elements.

The colour of the door is also a key factor. You can settle for a generic colour that works regardless of the colour of the building’s paint. Or you can pick a more personalised colour that complements the overall colour scheme of your home.

What’s the ideal material for my front door?

Strength is key. But if you hope to own a low maintenance front door that’ll come with less future hassles, you can opt for a composite design that’s been engineered to look like real wood. Other options include steel or aluminium.

 But if you don’t object to doing a little maintenance work occasionally, a solid timber door is a great option which can be repainted when necessary to improve its beauty as well as waterproof it.

Which security measures should I look out for?

When purchasing a door, look out for one that originally comes with security features. There are secured door options that have been tested to be resilient by putting them through aggressive security tests such as hitting them with crowbars, battering rams, and bags of sand.

The sort of locks that originally come with a door is something else you should keep an eye out for. If you are dissatisfied, you can always upgrade to a more secure lock or even a smart one. A quality door lock should be anti-drill, anti-pick, anti-snap as well as anti-bump.

Which door innovations should I be aware of?

Smart doors are an innovation that’s gaining daily popularity. The design of these smart doors have improved over recent years and have become more reliable and effective. The two smart door features that are constantly being improved on are the smart lock and the smart doorbell.

Smart locks don’t function with an actual key. Rather, they use Bluetooth as well as other smartphone connections to operate. Smart doorbells on the other hand don’t just ring when someone is at the door, but have advanced to facial recognition and video calling.

Fingerprint locks are another up and coming innovation for homes that’s gradually picking up steam. While having all these innovative designs installed on your home might be a worthwhile investment, keep in mind that any innovative lock you choose to install on your home needs to match the general look of your property. For example, a high tech, futuristic lock on an old building might look out of place.

What to stay away from?

The key to getting the ideal door for your home is to carry out some preliminary research. Know what your options are as well as their price ranges. Also, understand your building in order to properly determine the sort of door that will best suit your property. You can also consult an expert to guide you if you are overwhelmed by the variety of options available.

For optimal security for your home, you can further increase your front door’s security by;

  • Replacing the deadbolt strike plate. 
  • Reinforcing the door and door jamb. 
  • Securing the door hinges if they are exposed. 
  • Installing conspicuous lights over your front door.

In the end, what is most important is that the door you select is a solid one that blends well with your property. Such a door must offer you optimal security in every condition and must be convenient for you and every other inhabitant of your home to use. Also remember that just because a particular door works well for another home doesn’t mean it will be the right door for yours.


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