Mystery Over Jenson Button Gas Attack Burglary


The mystery continues concerning the horrific gassing and burglary of Jenson Button and his  wife Jessica Michibata. The couple lost over a million dollars worth of belongings including a $525,000 engagement ring. The method used by the burglars has come into question with a statement from The Royal College of Anaesthetists issuing a statement some time ago concerning how difficult it was to use a gas to render victims unconscious.

However according French police the burglars let off a canister of anaesthetic gas into an air-conditioning vent, allowing them to roam the French villa unnoticed.

The Royal College of Anaesthetists issued a statement last year amid claims that Britons were being gassed and burgled in motor homes.

“It is the view of the College that it would not be possible to render someone unconscious by blowing ether, chloroform or any of the currently used volatile anaesthetic agents, through the window of a motor-home without their knowledge, even if they were sleeping at the time.

“If there was a totally safe, odourless, potent, cheap anaesthetic agent available to thieves for this purpose it is likely the medical profession would know about it and be investigating its use in anaesthetic practice.”

A source close to Button, 35, who won the F1 championship in 2009, told The Sun newspaper: “Police have told Jenson they’re convinced the burglars gassed the house using the air-conditioning units.

“Over the past five years, it’s becoming an increasingly common way for top criminals to launch raids on expensive properties in the area without being disturbed.

“Jenson is convinced that’s what happened too. The burglars were in the same room as him and Jessica, rifling through all their drawers.

“But they weren’t disturbed at all because the effects of the gas gives the burglars free reign.

“It was the same for their three other friends – they were all completely out of it.”

The occupants of the house only discovered what had happened when they woke up in the morning.

More Celebrities in France Suffer Gas Attack Burglaries


Trinny Woodhall and Susannah Constantine were prey to a similar attack in Cannes, where they were allegedly smothered with chloroform. 

In May 2006 police arrested five people suspected of being involved in a burglary involving footballer Patrick Vieira. The attack took place on the French Riviera 

Police scientists then said gas was pumped into the air conditioning system to keep Vieira and his family asleep while they stole jewellery and a Mercedes.

It seems that French criminals that target luxury homes have found a substance not seemingly recognised by the Royal College of Surgeons?

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