Home Security Trends in 2018


It’s always important to invest in being able to protect your family, and one of the of more effective ways to do so is to invest in home security systems by Security Assured. As we march forth into the second half of 2018, we’ve witnessed so many advancements in technology. With that statement, we can most definitely observe that technology is being incorporated more and more into our lives. A few years ago, cameras were just that — cameras. Now, most modern smartphone cameras come equipped with artificial intelligence software that greatly enhances camera output.

While we can definitely still rely on security measures such as Westral security doors, we have to take note that as technology becomes more advanced so do the methods of unscrupulous people who intend to do us harm. It’s no less than an arms race, and those who are able to acquire the best security measures are obviously the safest. We see high-tech security system depicted in movies like The Purge and well, to be frank, while there isn’t going to be a purge, the need for added security simply cannot be overlooked — especially in this world where criminals are constantly coming up with new modus operandi. So, what are the top home security trends to look for?

Smart Home Integration


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The Internet of Things (IOT) has allowed for enhanced surveillance as well as an alert system. Security systems are now able to interact with your smart home, whether it’s to arm themselves, alert you to any anomalies by sending notifications to your phone, or allowing for a live feed from your security camera to your mobile device. Some doorbells even come equipped with cameras that automatically activate when they are rung, which then send you a live feed of your front door.

Remote Arming

While smart home and security system interactivity is a great enough feature in itself, this is simply the tip of the iceberg. Local connections are quite the advancement, but some security systems even come with remote-arming measures that allow you to activate your security system from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. This is based on the observation that a lot of home invasions happen while the house is empty, either because the occupants are out busy during the normal course of the day or because they’re out of town on vacation. This way, you can truly enjoy your days off without having to worry about coming home to a ransacked house.

Pocket Drones


Some thieves, especially those that work in groups and are much more organized than your average home invader, actually take the time to scout out potential targets. They observe your schedules, your points of ingress and egress, the locations of your security systems, and so much more. Security cameras can be tampered with, and it’s for this contingency that pocket drones are made for. The ability to assess your surroundings is nothing short of imperative, especially when you want to minimize the risk of getting ambushed while you’re outside, doing the scouting yourself.

The best part about all of these advancements is that they are constantly evolving. Soon, these security measures may even be able to communicate directly with local law enforcement units. The possibilities are endless.

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