Don’t Forget about Safety When It Comes to Your New Home Purchase


Are you a new homeowner? One of the main things that has likely been on your mind is getting your home move-in ready. While there may be some upgrades or repairs you’ve been planning to do, one thing you should direct your attention toward is home security and keeping your family safe. Home safety goes beyond just installing a simple door alarm, there are other tools and resources to consider. Here are just a few ways that you can improve the security in and around your property. 

Update Existing Security System

Does your new home already have an existing security system? This can be a great asset to your home and a true money saver. But, you really need to take a close look at the system, its overall capabilities, and if it’s functioning properly. Just because there is a home security system installed doesn’t mean that it works properly or effectively for your needs. A good security system is one that is connected remotely to a central server so there can be instant communication between the homeowner and the security company. It should also be connected to an ISP so that you can access your home and cameras when you’re away from home—year round. One that has smart hub capabilities, in which it can flow seamlessly with the appliances and lighting in your home, can help boost overall security and keep you in better touch with your personal space while you’re away. Your best option is to contact a home security pro. They will come out to your home, inspect your property, give you tips on how to button up your home and offer you a variety of security systems that will integrate nicely and best fit your lifestyle and budget.  

Windows and Doors

Part of making your home safe and secure goes beyond what any home security system can do. This means making sure that an intruder or unwanted guest can’t just make their way in should your alarm system be disabled or offline. If they can gain easy entry through a window that doesn’t lock properly or by kicking in a door that is made from lightweight materials with a hollow core, an alarm system is useless. Now is the best time to make the necessary upgrades to your home. Some things to consider include:

Upgrading to new steel or solid wood doors and windows with safety features.
Adding additional locks on doors including a deadbolt strike plate.
Install a doorway reinforcement kit to help provide additional protection from unwanted entry. 
Make sure existing doors and windows are gap-free by applying weatherproofing and added insulation around cracks.
Improving your existing entry and exit ways is a good place to start when it comes to making your home safer and more secure for your family. 

All about Lighting 

One of the most important ways to boost safety around your home is to keep it lit up. Home intruders don’t want to be seen, especially on camera. While some home invasions occur in broad daylight, many intruders still love to creep around the home at night. This is why it’s important to make sure you have your driveway, entrances and outbuildings lit up properly. You can also set up a pre-programmed light to come on at the same time or different times each night. Connecting your switches to a smart hub system will also allow you to control lighting while you’re away from your home. This way you can also save energy, but be able to get a good visual on outbuildings or your garage at all times of the day or night. 

Re-examine Your Landscape

You might wonder what your yard and landscape have to do with home security. Having tall hedges, trees or a fence near the road can actually distract or make it harder for an intruder to gain access to your property. But on the contrary, a hedge or wider shrub can also give an intruder a place to hide, especially if these landscape accents are placed up near the perimeter of your home. Always keep shrubs and bushes trimmed back and make sure that fences are in good shape throughout the year. Repair any damaged areas or areas that are warped or bent that can provide easier access to someone wanting to get on your property. 

Making your home safer starts with making some upgrades. Talk to the pros and get your home intruder-free and create a fortress that’s a safe haven for everyone inside. 

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