There are many ways in which you can improve your safety at home. The most common devices are security cameras and alarm systems.
While these can be helpful there is on a system that is often overlooked and yet can play a huge role in keeping you safe.

Motion sensors can be used for a variety of purposes; all you need to do is click this link to make sure you get a quality product.

How Motion Detectors Improve Your Safety
It is important to recognize that there are different motion sensors for inside and outside the home. Exterior sensors need to be certified as capable of withstanding outside weather conditions.

The exterior Sensors
You’re probably already familiar with the motion sensors attached to lighting systems. These can illuminate all or part of your yard; allowing you to see the intruder.

But, they are only effective if the light wakes you or is noticeable from inside the house.
However, if you add the sensors to an alarm circuit which goes off inside your home then you are certain to be aware of the issue.

This can be further improved on by adding the sensor to your wireless network at home. You can then be alerted on your cell phone; regardless of where you are in the world!

Interior Sensors

These work on the same basis but they can be used to sound alarms and to trigger a camera to start recording.
Again, you should be able to tap into this from your cell phone to see what is happening. This means you can take the appropriate measures without putting yourself in harm’s way.

These interior sensors can also be linked to your house alarm and even directly to the local police or monitoring service. This will speed up the response time if someone has intruded into your home.

Other Benefits
Motion detectors can also be used to protect your children and animals. It is very simple to add a motion detector to the entrance of a specific room or area of the house. Depending on where you position it and its sensitivity level you will know if a child or an animal has entered somewhere they shouldn’t be.

You can then take immediate action to remedy the issue!

Of course, if you’re using the motion detectors to monitor your children and pets they should not be connected to any silent alarm system or directly to the police!

Motion detectors allow you to monitor parts of your home and record what is happening without wasting energy. The device will not react or start working until the motion detector tells it to start. You can even program it to stop when the motion has stopped.

The main types of motion detectors are either passive Infrared which detects body heat and movements within a set parameter. The alternative is microwave which works via reflection; it knows that something has blocked the path of reflection and the size of the something.
It should be noted that while microwave covers a larger area the sensors are generally more expensive to purchase.

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