4 Benefits of Installing CCTV to Protect Your Business and Property


Security has become a priority in today’s modern world and while once upon a time, you could leave the key in the door of your house or you could pop out for a moment during business hours, those days are sadly gone and you now need to protect yourself and your home and business at all times. CCTV is a great way to put would be burglars and opportunist thieves off coming into or onto your premises and they act as a visible deterrent. You can install security cameras around your business and personal property in Australia, but there are rules to be followed regarding people’s privacy and what you can and cannot record. For sure, video surveillance is a great deterrent, as any would be intruder would not attempt entry is he saw the cameras.

There are a number of additional features that can be added to a CCTV system and originally, a CCTV system would only record but now, you can do so much more. Veridin Systems Business Security Systems offers you a great number of advantages and we will talk about just some of them here.

Motion Detection When You Need it 

For a number of business users the rear of the building is the area that is less frequented and so you don’t need a 12-hour recording of the back door where the deliveries come in. You do, however, need a recording when someone comes snooping around and checking if the door is secure or not. This is where motion detection is very useful because it only starts recording when it detects some kind of movement around that area. Your system will only record the essential information that you need to show to the cops when you report this suspicious activity.

Infrared LED Lighting 

A camera can only see when a light is shining in the area that you want it to look at. Thankfully, that light doesn’t have to be the bright floodlights that you typically see, but an infra-red light allows the camera to see at night and the camera can turn the infrared lights on and off as it needs them. These lights are not as expensive as you might think, and so installing them is a must if you wish to catch people trying to break into your premises. If you don’t install the infra-red as an additional extra, all your camera will pick up are shapes in the darkness which defeats the purpose of having the cameras in the first place.

Real-time Alerts to Your Phone

CCTV in Melbourne is now so modern that they will send live pictures to your phone whenever anyone comes into the view of the camera and you can actually witness what is going on in your business even though you are not there. There is also two-way audio where you can actually talk to the intruder and ask them what they are doing. This is a great deterrent as the would-be burglar knows that you have seen them, are recording them and most likely have already contacted the police already.

Remote Viewing

With the latest CCTV systems, if you have an Internet connection, you can view your property at any time of day or night. When you and the family are away on your annual location, you won’t have that nagging worry about the home being compromised. The expert will explain how to access the system remotely, which is very easy using a smartphone.

Adding a CCTV system to your business is the smart thing to do and it will save you money and countless problems over its lifetime.

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