10 safer home security tips

Whether you live in a pokey city flat or a spacious country mansion, it’s important to make your home as secure as possible. While some parts of the UK are notoriously more peaceful than others, crime can happen at any time to any one, so here are ten tips to ensure your property is as safe as it can be.

1.     Protect your windows

Habitual burglars know how to break through a window seamlessly, which is why you should make their job harder by investing in window bars or security grills from companies like Security Direct.

2.     Get double glazing

Double glazing is great for many reasons. Not only will it block out unwanted noises from outside but it’s also much harder for criminals to smash.

3.     Lock doors and windows

Believe it or not, break-ins can happen when families are at home, so try to lock your doors and windows even when you’re in. What’s more, don’t leave upstairs windows unlocked as anyone could climb up and access your property.

4.     Change the locks

If a key has gone missing or you believe it to have been stolen, change the locks immediately as it’s simply not worth the risk.

5.     Don’t give out keys

On a similar note, don’t give out keys to everyone and anyone. Handing your neighbour a spare set in case of emergencies is one thing but handing keys to someone you barely know is foolish.

6.     Invest in a burglar alarm

Burglar alarms are an inexpensive yet effective way to protect your property as they’re designed to scare off any potential trespassers and make you alert to danger.

7.     Get CCTV

Most criminals will only break into properties that they consider to be easy targets – after all they don’t want to get caught. Placing a CCTV camera outside you home can therefore act as a deterrent.

8.     Don’t let the mail pile up

There are many things criminals look out for before breaking into a home including overflowing rubbish bins or a build-up of mail. These signs indicate you’re not at home, so if you go away ask a neighbour to put your bins out and collect the mail for you.

9.     Don’t promote holidays on social media

Believe it or not, burglars use social media platforms to target holidaying homeowners. Why? Well, because many people get so excited about their trip that they post it all over Facebook, Twitter and such like without realising the security risks.

10.  Join a neighbourhood watch scheme

The sense of community spirit which was once apparent in many areas has been lost of late, but joining one of the neighbourhood watch schemes still around or setting up your own is a great way to deter thieves and keep your home safe.



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