Why Redecorating For The Seasons Can Help To Sell Your Home





No matter what time of the year you are thinking about selling your house, a little spruce up often does the world of good. Buyers stepping into a home want to see how their lives could be if they were to move in, so showing it off in its best light is essential. For example, many agents request their clients to declutter their homes to maximise the floor space on display to buyers.

Reports suggest that dirt, clutter, and bad smells were found to knock almost £54,000 off a property’s value, so keeping a tidy home pays off in the end. How your property looks matters and giving it a seasonal boost can help to sell your home. Let’s look at how redecorating for the seasons can help to sell your home.


Matching nature

Focusing on the colours and tones associated with the time of year helps buyers to feel the right things about your home. The easiest visual clue to help bring your property into the right season is to follow the trend of nature itself.

Flooding a room with light and plants is great for any time of the year but can be especially effective during spring and summer. Similarly, in the colder months, making your house more inviting and welcoming with warm tones, textures and even scents can make it feel like a home to viewers.

Matching your decor with nature doesn’t mean buying new paint each season and undertaking wholesale changes. Instead, opt for a neutral theme throughout and use accessories like plants, rugs, artwork and ceramics to reflect the seasonal changes.


Staging your home

Ideally, your home will only be on the market for one season but if things drag on, perhaps due to a slow market, home staging can help. Staging your home means decluttering and removing personal touches around the house so that viewers can better visualise what it would be like if they lived there. Staging is ideal for seasonal decorating because it starts from a neutral point and allows for the addition of timely finishing touches.


Not every room needs a seasonal touch

While it might be tempting to place seasonal items throughout the home, this might seem like overkill to a prospective buyer. Instead focus on the key areas of the home, the kitchen, bathroom and living room. Just by making a few changes to these high-traffic areas, you can make a big difference without overdoing it.


Spring allows for new beginnings

Spring is all about new hopes and beginnings, so it’s important that you remove anything old, tired and lacking in vibrancy from your home. That could be plants that haven’t survived the winter or it could be giving a fresh coat of paint to the outside of your home to make it seem more welcoming.

To get your property market-ready for the spring, make sure to declutter, reorganise and reclaim your living space. Clutter isn’t ideal for a home on the market at any time but during the spring, people are filled with emotions of freshness and new beginnings and clutter can take them away from that. Fresh new plants and bright colour accents like yellows and blues are ideal for conveying the pure and clean emotions spring brings.


Reflect the outside throughout your home for the summer

Although aided by plenty of natural bright light, preparing your home for a summer sale arguably requires the most work as it needs twice as much attention. It is important to stage the outside of your home as well as the inside during the summer as many home viewers will be visualising how they spend the warmer months. This means keeping the grass in your garden to a short length and removing any weeds from flower beds.

Spring to summer represents the smallest change in seasons but there are some subtle differences. Summer for many people is about the outdoors, so any outside space you have in your home must be celebrated. Embracing the colours of summer is also important so consider dressing your home with white, lighter shades and bold, vibrant colours.

Temperature control is something to consider when showing your home and ensuring your home isn’t too hot during the summer is essential for viewer comfort. Similar to how shops carefully control their temperature throughout the year to ensure customers are comfortable, the same applies to a home.

Too hot and viewers might be put off if the property feels stuffy. However, countering the heat by blasting air conditioning may make a home too cold, which can also impact a viewer’s comfort.


Autumn adds a colour explosion

Autumn, or fall, is one of the most colourful seasons of all. We still have the remnant of green from the summer which is gradually replaced by orange, red and brown. All of these colours help to add to the homely feeling of a house, helping viewers feel instantly comforted as they step inside.

The weather is starting to get cooler too, so a warm welcome into a home is what most people want at this time of the year. Decorating techniques to help improve your autumn home showing include laying down a rug, dressing your table and adding a wreath to your front door.


Dressing your home for winter

Throughout large sections of the world, people decorate their homes for winter with the colourful lights and sparkles associated with Christmas. From lighting up a tree in your home that can be seen from space to adorning surfaces with foliage, fruit and even elves, Christmas brings in plenty of additional decorations.

But, is this going to impact selling your home during the winter? Maximalism is the most common approach people take to decorating their home for the festive period but it’s important to show restraint when on the market. A minimalist approach to decorations is the best strategy for Christmas, starting by maintaining a muted colour palette of just a couple of shades.

Avoid anything that will make your rooms feel smaller, so hanging decorations or large trees are best kept in storage for another year. You may wish to remove Christmas from your home altogether during the winter to avoid alienating any potential buyers. However, it’s still important to dress your home for the season through elegant colour schemes using silver, white, red and deep green to represent winter.


Redecorating your home for the seasons

Each season creates different feelings and emotions in people so it’s useful to change your house accordingly. A warm and cosy home in the autumn is great but in the spring it’s time for cleanliness and freshness. Ultimately, reflecting the season you are selling your home helps give potential buyers what they are looking for in a house at that time.

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