Why a Whole House Water Filter System Is a Necessity


Once you realize the bacteria, debris and chemicals that are present in ‘safe’ tap water you’ll realize it’s important to get your own water filter. Of course to find the right filter for your home, you’ll need to speak to Filtap; they can guide you to ensure you get a filter that really works and protects you and your family.

You may think that you don’t need to worry. After all the water treatment works make sure the water is safe for you to drink. Unfortunately the truth is that there are still a lot of things in the water that should concern you:


The Australian Department Of Environment estimates that in excess of 30,000 tones of herbicides and pesticides are sprayed onto crops each year. Of course these chemicals do not just feed and protect the crops. They also soak into the soil and run straight off it. They can then join the water cycle and collect n the reservoirs and other large bodies of water.

Not all of these are removed; there is a ‘safe’ amount that the water treatment works allows through. The very chemicals you’re avoiding by eating organic are being fed to you in the water!


Mining also includes industry. Coal mines are perhaps the biggest culprits but almost all large scale industries do the same thing. They rely on large amounts of water to aid the production of their product. This water is then discarded into treatment ponds which are basic slurries of water and toxic metals. These will gradually leach into the ground and then into the water system.

The result is arsenic, lead and even mercury in your water; which is not removed at the treatment works.

These are heavy metals that will accumulate in your body and can eventually become toxic; your body cannot expel them.

Animal Feed

You probably already have an opinion on animal farming where the animals are packed tightly together. This encourages disease as the waste products are trampled through by all the animals.

To ensure the animals remain healthy enough to supply milk or be used as food they are pumped full of antibiotics. When everything is washed down the waste is washed into a contamination settling pond. Again, the antibiotics and even some of the bacteria are free to leach into the ground and into your water supply.

This is making the antibiotic issue worse faster.


The inside of every water pipe is under immense stress as water continuously flows through it. The result is that the insides start to corrode and become damaged. These tiny pieces of debris break off and move into your home with your water supply.

They can also cause blockages and the associated issues in your home.

Perhaps most worrying is the fact that chlorine kills most bacteria but some are now evolving that are impervious to chlorine; that means the water treatment methods are not even effective!

That’s why you need a whole house water filtration system. You don’t want to drink or wash in contaminated water.

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