What is Underfloor Heating?


Underfloor heating is a system that is installed underneath your flooring in order to warm your home, quite different to the radiators but with the same purpose of heating your home. In other words, underfloor heating is used to simply warm your floor. Furthermore, not only it heats your home but it also distributes the heat evenly around your home so no room is more or less warm than the other. Furthermore, installing an underfloor heating system cannot only make your home more energy efficient but it can also reduce the levels of carbons that your house is producing.

There are many experts that do underfloor heating installation in Sydney, more than you think. But first, in this article, you will get to know both the benefits and disadvantages of using an underfloor heating system.

Benefits of using underfloor heating


     1.     One of the major benefits of using an underfloor heating is that it cannot only make your house warmer but more hygienic as well. Creepy crawlies such as dust mites like cold, moist areas and cannot live in warm areas. Therefore, a warmer house can result in less dust mites, which means your house is cleaner and more hygienic.


     2.     Underfloor heating system can be installed below any type of flooring including but not limited to stone, wood, tile and even carpeted floors. However, if the carpet is too thick, you cannot install underfloor heating. Nonetheless, if you do not have thick carpet on your floors, you do not have to worry about anything since the underfloor heating system can be installed below any kind of floor.


     3.     Installing an underfloor heating system does not ruin your décor. Since, it gets hidden below the flooring, it does not take any space as well unlike the bulky radiators that you have in your house.


     4.     An underfloor heating produces less waste compared to the radiators. Moreover, it will also keep your house warm even if the home windows are open making the room draughty.


     5.     Using an underfloor heating system can be quite energy efficient and can reduce your heating bills. Since, an average sized underfloor heating unit can heat a larger area compared to a radiator, it can save you a lot of money.


     6.     Like mentioned previously, it can distribute the heat evenly in your room, reducing the need of purchasing multiple underfloor heating systems since one can do the job.


     7.     Last but not the least, since it can make the floors warmer, you can now walk around your house with bare feet while worrying about nothing.


The disadvantages of using an underfloor heating


     1.     There are disadvantages of using an underfloor heating as well. First one is that, in case you do not have to money to purchase a bigger unit, your floor may be warm all the time but the rest of the room will be chilly.


     2.     Since you cannot install underfloor heating system under your furniture or any heavy things. You will need to make space in your room and you may even have to get rid of some things in your room.


     3.     Last but not the least, using an underfloor heating can be very time consuming. An underfloor heating system can take quite a while to heat your room.

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